Lack of money is the root of all evil.

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When humans began to raze forests and use the resultant soils to raise crops, they were working their way down through the food chain, no longer harvesting ecosystem detritus but destroying entire ecosystems literally at their roots for short-term human benefit. That practice eventually turned forest ecosystems into deserts. As this essay will survey, that was a rampant problem in all early civilizations. Eventually, humans learned to reach even further back into the ecological horizon as they began burning energy stores that were hundreds of millions of years old; was first and second. They were burned a million times as fast as they were created. In all instances, humans were releasing sunlight energy that had been captured and stored by organisms. In the 20th century, when humans began using nuclear fission, they were going even further back in time and harvesting energy stored via billions of years ago. With each new energy source, humans were harvesting older, more concentrated energy sources, which released far more energy than the previously used source. In each instance, humans plundered the energy source to exhaustion. Humans have not lived in “harmony” with nature since they learned to control fire.

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I have never seen anybody make that argument for Fishbein before. If we accept that some people are actively committed to evil, and it probably has to be admitted if one believes in free will, then this argument about Fishbein is not easily dismissed. Maybe he was merely greedy and blind, with low intelligence. Although Fishbein has been compared to Hitler a number of times, I will be gentler and call him the Al Capone of modern medicine, whose racketeering efforts greatly contributed, wittingly or unwittingly, to the suffering and deaths of many millions of people around the world in the 20th century. He gets my vote for medical gangster of the 20th century. However, in significant ways, the medical racket is worse today than it was in Fishbein's time.

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10/07/2012 · Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil”

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Anthropology impinges directly on medicine. As a science, anthropology is multifaceted, multidisciplinary, and has come a long way from its Victorian-era roots. The aspect of anthropology that deals with the distant human past is fascinating, replete with controversy, competing theories, new tools (such as ), and varying degrees of agreement regarding the human past. Again, as Kuhn observed, agreement does not mean that anthropologists as a whole are “right,” but that they agree. Nevertheless, there are areas of general agreement that appear to conform to the evidence adduced thus far, when evidence is not suppressed. Suppression of anomalous data is far more common in the sciences than most think. had her career destroyed when she discovered that the fluorine ion damaged the brain. Reintroducing a creator and consciousness into the framework is necessary if humankind is to escape the materialistic orientation that . Anthropology has a long way to go, but with all those caveats, there is a generally agreed upon story of the human past that I consider close to reality.

20/02/2016 · “Lack of money is the root of all evil.” – George Bernard Shaw People can be pushed to their moral limits in pursuit of money

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Today, capitalist interests have turned and concocted other that the public has swallowed whole. Greed and other deadly sins in our scarcity-addicted world. If abundance comes to pass, if a practice is discovered to be harmful, then it will be abandoned and a harmless method will be developed and implemented. What will not happen is that those “invested” in the harmful practice will brainwash the public, with , to call addictive junk food (that capitalizes on the evolutionary energetic adaptation to ) nutritious, and the many other evil practices that parade today as beneficial or benign. Without huge capitalistic interest involved (the GCs are capitalism on steroids), which are , those kinds of practices will end.

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I developed my current approach by trial and error that was extremely hazardous and painful, and took most of a lifetime to achieve. I hope that this essay can help shorten the learning curve for those whom I seek. Many readers of this essay will get bogged down early on and skip to the end, and they will get out of the experience what they put into it. Such people are not in my target audience, unless they have already mastered this essay’s material, but I have never met even one such person. I will continue studying this subject matter for the remainder of my life, and have a ways to go before I can consider my grasp of it firm. This essay is largely intended to help readers develop a comprehensive awareness of life’s journey on Earth and see when humanity enters the play. When readers can do that and come to appreciate it, they will have an easier time avoiding the egocentric levels of FE awareness (), and reach something that might be called soul-centric. It should help them shed not only those scarcity-based ideologies and their insidious, , but they should also begin to understand why approaches rooted in such ideologies are doomed to failure for this task. We cannot drag our scarcity-based baggage with us for establishing a world of abundance. The GCs are masters of using people’s allegiance to those ideologies to enslave their minds and spirits. What I will be asking of my target audience will be anything but easy, and can actually be quite dangerous if caution is not exercised. But for those who use this material properly, it can improve their understanding in important ways.