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Beyond individual rights and freedoms: Metaethics in social work research.
AU: Antle-B-J; Regehr-C
SO: Social-Work. 48(1): 135-144, Jan. 2003.
Increasingly, social workers are called on to demonstrate the efficacy of their interventions and to contribute to knowledge building in the social sciences. Although social workers have a long tradition of practice ethics, less attention has been given to the unique dimensions of research ethics for social workers. A social work model of research ethics would consider how to balance highly valued ethical principles that are individually focused, such as self-determination and nonmalfeasance (the obligation to do no harm), with equally important values that have a collective focus, such as justice and beneficence (the obligation to bring about good). This article reviews current principles guiding research ethics, such as autonomy, beneficence, nonmalfeasance, and justice and provides an outline of the salient issues for social workers as they strive to address individual and collective interests in research endeavors, such as a greater emphasis on the social justice mission and the need to ensure that social justice objectives do not obscure individual rights and freedoms. The article concludes with preliminary recommendations for developing a social work perspective in research ethics. (Journal abstract.)

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Good and proper: Considering ethics in practice research.
AU: Campbell-L
SO: Australian-Social-Work. 50(4): 29-36, Dec. 1997.
As social workers increasingly take up the challenge of researching social work practice, ethical issues arise for which they have been inadequately prepared. With the growth of qualitative data collection methods that better suit many practice research enterprises, more assistance has become available on ethical and political issues, but it is argued here that the convergence of practice and research in agency settings poses distinctive dilemmas. These center on social work’s complex unit of attention and the consequent need for multidimensional research strategies, and on the status of the practitioner-researcher who often straddles both practice and research domains, whether as an insider or outsider to the research site. As agencies accelerate their efforts to provide guidelines and structures to manage ethical research, social workers themselves should take the initiative to shape these structures to retain flexible and creative research opportunities. (Journal abstract.)

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The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (JSWV&E)

This journal seeks to inform and influence social work practice and education. JSWV&E addresses scholarly inquiry, including development of models for analyzing and resolving value and ethical conflicts; description of new value dilemmas and their impact on social work practice; research studies on the influence of values and ethics in social work practice decision-making and in agency program development; examples of good practice that clearly highlight ethical and value considerations; theoretical articles that explain the origin, development, and evolution of social work values and ethics; discussion of ethical and value dilemmas related to the development of new technologies; and review and analysis of scholarly and practice books, monographs, and articles written on the topic of social work values and ethics.

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