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Since Martha Washington was such a great nurturer to her children it really changed how she treated people during the American Revolution. In all Martha Washington had four children. They were all with Daniel Parke Curtis. Their names were John(Jacky), Martha(Patsy), Frances, and Daniel. Daniel and Frances died at a young age in 1757. After the deaths of Daniel and Frances Martha spoiled Jacky and Patsy. She bought them whatever they wanted (Colonial Williamsburg). In 1773, Patsy died of “fits” (Truman). Martha Washington also raised her two grandchildren. Their names were Eleanor Parke Curtis and George Washington Parke Curtis. Both of her grandchildren stayed with Martha even when their parents didn’t. Martha always cared for her children and grandchildren.

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Many people know about the first president George Washington, but how much do the people know about his wife Martha? Martha Dandridge Curtis Washington was born on June 2, 1731. At eighteen she married Daniel Parke Curtis who died a sudden death a few years later. Following this Martha met George Washington. They soon were married in 1759. Later George became the leader of the Continental Army. When George traveled to all the war sites Martha traveled with him and she helped him as much as she could. Martha Washington influenced the Revolutionary war for man reasons.
Since Martha Washington had such a great family life it impacted how she treated others during the American Revolution. Before Martha Washington married George Washington, she married Daniel Parke Curtis. In 1757, Daniel Parke Curtis died of a sudden illness. Daniel was a very rich man. He left Martha with all of his money and one fifth of his land. He also left Martha one of the richest women of that time.

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Soon after Daniel Parke Curtis died Martha met George Washington who would soon become the general of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Martha and George got married in 1759. After they married, Martha moved all of her children and belongings to Mount Vernon. Martha loved Mount Vernon as soon as she arrived there. As Martha and George started getting settled the Revolutionary war started. The war ended up being very hard on their marriage.

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