· Two thirds of people in the world who cannot read are female.

Development of responsibilities to HRM managers is a primary element in the recent concepts, related directly to diversity and equality management. Instead of concentrating on under-represented groups like females, managing diversity is primarily based on the theme that people should be rather valued as individuals for general reasons related to the interests of business as well as for social and moral reasons. Development of responsibility to HRM managers is emphasized when the issue is considered of who is actually responsible for implementing effectively the process of valuing entire individuals. This is a grave matter of concern for entire employees, particularly managers instead of being viewed as an issue related with only human resource practitioners.

· Nearly seventy percent of the world's poorest people are female.

“Despite many improvements in the status of women there are still many inequalities:

Married Women and AIDS Vulnerability - Stanford University

“Women and men are not created equal. They each have their God given strengths, focused on their responsibilities for procreation and family viability. Those differences are not easily dismissed… however those differences do not condone gender discrimination in society, and certainly not in the workplace.” (Malkin, 2005)

, Princeton University Press, 1990.

Buddhism as practiced in Japan and China also granted women some areas of empowerment. Women went on pilgrimages to Buddhist temples, retreated to nunneries, sometimes gave public lectures, and led temple groups. Chinese Buddhism was at its height during the reign of Wu Zetian who promoted the religion and even justified her rule by claiming she was a reincarnation of a previous female Buddhist saint. During Wu’s reign, and throughout the early to mid Tang period, women enjoyed relatively high status and freedom. Lovely Tang era paintings and statues depict women on horseback, and as administrators, dancers and musicians. Stories and poems, like those from the pen of the infamous female poet Yu Xuanji, also attest to the almost modern openness of the period.

· Women represent a growing proportion of people living with HIV/AIDS.

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This year, because US politics have become so acrimonious, we decided to bring back T – the brainchild of Jenny Boylan, who understood how many of us are lonely and hurting during the holiday season.

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One friend posted a celebration of the black women who made this happen only to be reprimanded by a white man who wanted to celebrate everyone. #alllivesmatter much?

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So Doug Jones won, which is the least of what should have happened, but what didn’t happen is that – not in the way they vote, and not in a lot of reactions on Facebook.

· An estimated one-quarter to one half of all women have suffered physical abuse.”

Lorber, J. (2005) Oxford University Press

How do you respond to such a beautiful, loyal daughter’s call to arms? Maybe we can do something about the high mortality rate of black mothers. Maybe we keep calling for an end to the lawful murder of black people by those who are supposed to serve & protect.

Zinn, M. B. (2005) Oxford University Press

Gender Equality retrieved October 19, 2008 from

The challenge to unequal gender difference was mounted anew in the 1910s when women in Japan’s “second wave feminism” set about to oppose the NeoConfucian ideology of “good wife, wise mother.” One, Hiratsuka Haruko (pen name Raicho), in 1911 founded the feminist magazine Seito (Bluestocking), where its contributors considered broad social issues such as freedom of love and marriage. Not surprisingly, the magazine was often censored and banned.

Monitoring Gender Equality, Responsibility, Accountability & Monitoring, 2001 Retrieved

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On learning that Matt Lauer had a button at his desk that allowed him to lock the door without getting up – which Anne Branigin at just called “his little trapping button” – my friend Jill Barkley asked: