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In four states, a felon may permanently lose the right to vote, regardless of whether a sentence is served or parole is finished. In Florida, for example, the only way to restore the right to vote is by petitioning the governor for . This harsh policy was originally the status quo in many states, giving many the impression that felons in general can never vote after a conviction.

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In some states, the restoration of voting rights is automatic upon the completion of a sentence, while in others, felons must re-register in order to vote. Re-registration may require a or letter from parole or probation officer.

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If you're facing a felony offense and are concerned about your right to vote, you may want to bring this up with your criminal defense attorney.

For example, a , who was convicted of felony robbery as a teenager, tried to regain his right to vote later in life.

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For example, in Arizona, a felon can petition to have his or her civil rights (including the right to vote) restored two years after the completion of his or her sentence. However, this restoration may be .

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Although voting IS an American right, I do not think felons should be allowed to vote after they have served their time. Americans have more freedom than many other countries, and along with that freedom comes great priveleges. To keep citizens from taking advantageof their freedoms and priveleges, America MUST have laws. All Americans are expected to obey them, recieving priveleges in return. If you obey the law, you can own a beautiful home and live comfortably with your family. You can attend school, work, and as many activities as you want. If you disobey the law, a majority of your time will be spent in a jail cell, away from your family and friends. When felons have served their time, who’s to say they won’t commit a felony again? If you reward them with their voting privelege again, who’s to say that that re-gained freedom will keep them from disobeying the law? Why reward them for serving their time, when they might commit a felony again? I believe that once you break the law, you have disobeyed your country and don’t deserve the full priveleges that you have taken for granted.

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The majority of states have chosen to restore the right to vote to convicted felons after the successful completion of their sentences -- which may also include probation or parole.

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I believe that previous felons should be allowed to vote because even if they served the time they have deserved the right to be free. And to be free is to have basic American rights. One of those rights is to vote. Even because of their crimes they shouldn’t be seen as criminals if they have served their time and payed their dues. Voting should be allowed for felons because they would vote for what they want and what’s right.

the statutes governing the right to vote should be amended so ex-felons regain eligibility to vote.

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Almost six million Americans have been stripped of their right to vote — many for the rest of their lives. Most states prohibit prisoners in jail from voting, but some states bar felons from ever voting, even decades after they are released, unless they receive clemency from the governor. Felonies can include violent crimes like murder and assault, but also nonviolent crimes like tax evasion, drug dealing and check fraud.

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Felons should have the right to vote after they have served their time. If they have fulfilled the terms of their parole then they should be able to become a regular citizen. But being a regular citizen requires the ability to vote. Just because they are felons does not mean that they do not care about who gets elected. Plus felons who do not want to be a product member of society are not going to vote. So felons should have the right to vote.