D. What about bisexuals, trans-genderedfolks,etc.?

Three of David's classmates have created an offensive website that attacks students and teachers. The principal wants to know who did it and David is the only one who knows. Should he lie to the principal or betray his classmates?

B. What about medical privacy in a worldof managed care?

 A high school sophomore faces a family crisis when his alcoholic mom relapses into drinking.

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62]Now, if a prince knew that an ally was not evil, but good and faithful, it would certainly be foolish to break faith and estrange such a one, except in extraordinary circumstances.

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It follows, then, that a wise prince cannot and should not keep his pledge when it is against his interest to do so and when his reasons for making the pledge are no longer operative.

An eighth grade girl starts receiving threatening notes in her locker and her backpack.

The Times Demand That We Make a Stand!

One well-known argument for the reality of moral dilemmas has notbeen discussed yet. This argument might be called“phenomenological.” It appeals to the emotions that agentsfacing conflicts experience and our assessment of those emotions.

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The moral basis of the government of the United States is set out in the Declaration of Independence, where affirms the existence of natural, individual rights and then says, "That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed..." Thus, the state is not an end in itself but merely the means to "secure these Rights." If a government fails to do that, Jefferson says, as Locke said earlier, "it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it." Nothing could be further from the statism, and state worship, of Hegel, let alone Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, and Stalin.

A fifth grade boy is overcome with hurt and anger when a classmate spreads a lie about him.

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Indeed, Nietzsche sees "aristocratic values" as encompassing the rapine and looting of invading barbarians, but this has nothing to do with the values that still cling to the word "nobility" today or that are detailed in Mediaeval discussions or examples of chivalry.

If, however, he fights unfairly, he will surely be able to kill Duryodhana.

However, both of these views are based on a misconception.

Large segments of the population, not just in European democracies but now even in America, are deceived by this tyrannical program, under the influence of a press and intelligentsia that has long been dominated by statists, who have always sought to deny to citizens the means of the state.

Let him, by deception, kill the Kuru king who is the master of deception!

Do Not Listen to the "Only Four Years" Crowd!

Indeed, in late 1999, the Russian press is so far back under the control of the government as to contribute no more than cheerleading to the Russian reconquest of Chechnya, whose entire population was once deported by Stalin for suspected disloyalty during the brief German occupation of 1942.