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This is because one choosing to write about this mass migration needs to be descriptive to get the truth across.
Narrator / POV
The point of view in Enrique's Journey is a third-person point of view, mainly circulating around Enrique & Lourdes, because they are the main characters.
Also, the book uses present tense to convey its blunt tone ("The boy
does not
understand...", pg.

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The Journey: Enrique's Journey Reflection Questions

Honduras is the second poorest country in South America. Roughly half of the population earn two to three dollars per day, and 60% of the population live well below the poverty line (Rural Poverty Portal, 2010). Explained in Enrique’s Journey (2006), most families live in small huts and depend on farming or relatives that have traveled to America for survival. Most children in Honduras do not make it past elementary school. This is for many reasons, but mostly because the family needs that child to work and they cannot afford to pay for the child to get back and forth to school.

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In the book Enrique’s Journey, written by Sonia Nazario, readers are able to experience the life of a determined young man, Enrique, who travels from his home country of Honduras to the United States of America to meet his mother who left him at the age of four. The reasons are numerous when it comes to immigrants wanting to enter America. The most common example is to gain employment and to then send that money home to support their families. According to Sonia Nazario (2007), “The single mothers who are coming to this country, and the children who follow them, are changing the face of immigration to the United States”(Nazario, 2007, XXV). This is a perfect example of Enrique’s journey to America.

Enriques journey essay
Enriques journey essay

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Micro social work deals with the person and their families on a more intimate level. It appears, through the story of Enrique’s Journey, that this is the only positive force in Honduras. Many families are quite close and provide constant support to one another. Enrique’s uncle, who unfortunately passed away, was a very positive figure in his life. He set him on the right path. Once he passed away, he went back to drugs. His grandmother tried her hardest to keep him on the straight and narrow, but the lack of his mother was taking a toll on him. Unfortunately, many families in Honduras deal with similar situations. Children are left with caring grandparents and aunts and uncles, but long for the comfort of their own mothers. Without this person in their life they begin to feel abandoned and could potentially take part in detrimental acts.

Enriques journey essay

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It is the "antithesis," if you will, of Enrique's goal.
Chapter 4:
The people in Veracruz are kind here, as in Anonas, which was probably unexpected for Enrique, as kindness is rare on this journey.
Chapter 5:
In Nuevo Laredo, Enrique washes cars to get enough money to call his mother again, which reveals a theme of the book: If you work hard enough at something, you might just get it.
Chapter 6:
The Rio Grande is a symbol to Enrique: it represents a barrier that can only be crossed through perseverance.
Chapter 7:
Enrique has finally gotten what he wants--being with his mother--but they argue, which reveals another theme of the book: Everything has a positive side to it, but also a negative one.
Chapter 1: Lourdes has to leave the children to provide for them.
Chapter 3: Olga is healed, but feels she must help others.
Chapter 4: "...These people give you things.

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