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In India in the pre-liberalisation era labour was protected in labour markets and capital in product markets. In the post-liberalisation both feel less protected. Companies feel compelled to resort to denominator management to become competitive before they could think of numerator management. However, as discussed later, labour laws in India make it difficult to adjust workforce. In such a scenario voluntary separations to attractive payments (attractive relative to legally intended retrenchment compensation) cash rich companies are able to reduce their workforce and in quite a few cases even close divisions/plants. The legal, financial, fiscal and social implications of downsizing through voluntary separations are becoming the soft option. According to section 2(00) of the Industrial Disputes Act (inserted through an amending act in 1953) asserts that retrenchment does not include voluntary retirement of the workmen.

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Corporate restructuring has become a global phenomena. Whatever be the driving force for restructuring, growth, maturity, decline, merger,' acquisition, alliances; changes in ownership, technology, products, processes, materials, customer preferences, etc. the short-term implication for employees is downsizing. Starcher (1999) identifies the following five paradoxes facing business in this context:

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According to the article by Franco Gandolfi and Craig Littler (2012), this third phase involves coming up with the long-term cost-cutting measures. This happens when the business registers a downfall for a period exceeding one year. According to this article, this phase is characterized by an increased decline in both the projected and current demands by the customers. This phase requires long-term adjustments in expenditures if the firm is to survive this volatile business conditions. It is in this phase that downsizing at times becomes inevitable. According to the article, the company must try to avoid mass layoffs by all measures. In case a company engages in massive layoffs, then it must adopt strategies that will instill commitment and loyalty of the remaining workforce.

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If a company which was producing 1000 units with 100 persons is not able to do so with just 80 persons, it can be said that the company has downsized its manpower and improved its productivity. Doing more with less is denominator management. It will increase productivity but not necessarily result in growth. If the same company is able to produce 2000 units with 150 persons it has done both denominator and numerator management. It achieved both growth and productivity.

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Downsizing or rightsizing is an expression used to describe the strategy of achieving competitiveness through reduction of workforce. Optimal utilization of resource is a sustainable proposition, both economically and socially. Low unit labour costs are an important consideration in attracting investment and generating more jobs, and thus contribute to the reduction of unemployment and poverty.

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Downsizing as a method of reducing the workforce has frequently been used as a way of increasing profitability, productivity, efficiency, as well as the competitive edge of an organization. Downsizing is a strategy that has been adopted by many organizations all over the world due to its far-reaching financial, social and organizational consequences. Despite a lot of research having been conducted on downsizing, there is no evidence about the effectiveness of downsizing and whether it brings the anticipated benefits (Gandolfi & Craig, 2012). Downsizing of employees has been in use for more than three decades, and many organizations have adopted this strategy as one of the change strategies. This paper reviews the three phases of downsizing and the arguments concerning downsizing as presented in the article titled Conceptualizing the Phases of Cost-cutting by Franco Gandolfi and Craig Littler.

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Downsizing and job reduction should be the last resort in economies where unemployment is high. It is irrational to talk about human resource development and yet have as one of its goals tithe progressive reduction of manpower.

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We read that human and social capitals are becoming all-important in the post- industrial economy. Human capital includes intelligence, values, technical knowledge, experience, and creativity, network of contacts, corporate memory, as well as professional skills and experience. Nearly all corporate codes of ethics or conduct state that people are out most important assets. Yet management actions often destroy the human tissue of their own organizations as they downsize, reduce training budgets, and divest whole communities within their group.