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The free spread of ideas is not a perfect process. If people are not careful, there is false information that can hinder society. Informed debates and decision-making are stalled by what many call “fake news,” which arises from free speech (Gray 2017). Rather than retracting human rights, however, combating false information with more education is the solution to this issue in a democracy.

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Education and democracy are inextricably linked in American social thought and practice

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Kelly, A. V. (1995) , London: Paul Chapman. 202 +xviii pages. Covers some of the same ground as Gutmann but from a later English perspective (e.g. with some consideration of post modernism etc.). The first part of the book examines the fundamental pri nciples of democratic living; part two, democracy and the problem of knowledge; and part three, democracy and education. Clear and committed treatment.

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Gutmann, A. (1987) , Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. 321 + xii pages. Constructs a theory of education that places the fostering of democracy at its core. Chapters examine the nature of the state; the purposes of primary education; democratic participation; limits of democratic authority; extramural education; educating adults; and the primacy of political education. Pretty much the current liberal standard treatment of the subject.

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Giroux, H. A. (1989) , New York: Routledge. Very helpful collection of essays that examine schooling, citizenship and the struggle for democracy.

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Follett, M. P. (1923) , New York: Longmans, Green and Co. 373 + xxix pages. Influential exploration of 'the group principle', traditional democracy and group organization. The appendix 'training for the new democracy' is a classic statement of community education ideas. Follett was involved in the development of community centers (schools) around Boston - and her resulting proposals and ideas were a significant influence on the pioneers of the community centre movement in the UK.

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Just how we are to approach democracy is a matter of considerable debate. Different understandings imply contrasting educational practices. Carr and Hartnett (1996: 43-45) provide us with a useful illustration in this respect. They contrast a ‘classical’ conception of democracy (in which democracy is seen as a form of popular power) and a ‘contemporary’ conception where democracy is viewed as a representative system of political decision-making.

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This essay will look at what democracy is and how it can be placed in a Chinese context as well as looking at the proponents and opponents of democracy in China....

01/06/2016 · In his essay ‘Democracy and Education’, published a century ago this year, John Dewey champions cultural diversity and the paramount priority for educators

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Those hesitant about replacing turnarounds with closures should simply remember that a failed business doesn’t indict capitalism and an unseated incumbent doesn’t indict democracy. Though temporarily painful, both are essential mechanisms for maintaining long-term systemwide quality, responsiveness, and innovation. Closing America’s worst urban schools doesn’t indict public education nor does it suggest a lack of commitment to disadvantaged students. On the contrary, it reflects our insistence on finally taking the steps necessary to build city school systems that work for the boys and girls most in need.