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Hoover explains how college students are not prepared to deal with the financial responsibilities associated with managing credit cards and why credit debt companies specifically target college students....

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First, credit card companies send out way too many credit cards everyday to anyone and everyone.

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Marketers always announce the glories, convenience, and safety issues of owning a credit card, but what they never tell you is that you must be vigilant on how you use your credit card/s because you may end up stuck in a world you wis...

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Companies are no longer handing out credit cards and hoping the cardholders who consistently pay their dues will make up for the cardholders who don’t pay their dues.

The company provides loans, credit cards, consumer and business banking.

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Due to growth in credit card usage and the rise of debt, the ideas discussed in this paper represent the growing need to evaluate credit card company solicitation efforts aimed at students and how to begin negotiation to amend these practices....

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Attorney General Janet Reno said, “The Justice Department’s antitrust division found persuasive and systematic evidence of the harm done to competition in the credit card market.

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The cloned credit card can then be used in the same manner as the real credit card at various Point of Sale (POS) Terminals and online merchant processors.

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Over the years the company became more of a financial company and with the advent of consumer credit and debit cards they became a major player in supplying this service to it's members.

This debt collector practices done by almost bank that issuing credit cards....

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Credit cards interest rate is constantly compounding; means the interest charges are added into the principal so that the total debt will continue to grow exponentially.

It means that you take someone else’s credit card and use it as your own (yahoo, 2008).

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Even though students are adults and need to earn credit, credit card companies should not market to college students on campus because they are too naive and this results in graduating with too much debt....

Excessive credit card debt can be discouraging and can make a person feel hopeless.

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In his essay, “The Lure of Easy Credit Leaves Students Struggling with Debt,” Hoover effectively argues his position through significant references and by successfully rebutting the opposition.