This Code of Conduct and Ethics Policies guides our business daily.

In addition to the social work profession’s own Code of Ethics, federal regulations (45 CFR part 46) set standards to protect people involved in research studies, with requirements for the research sponsoring institution’s oversight through its Institutional Review Board (IRB). Attending to ethical research practices is especially important when research participants are engaged in interventions that affect them. In order to conduct federally funded research, the Principal Investigator must first take a course in ethics, and adhere to the federal code oversight of human research participants (formerly known as subjects). This language shift from subjects to participants is in itself indication of increasing expectation for the relationship of researcher–participant to be a partnership in knowledge development. The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) is responsible for assuring adherence to the Federal Regulatory Code (FR 46). Additional information is available at these Web sites:

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With the increased availability of wireless computer networks comes a new ethical dilemma....

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In two of the U.S. Supreme Court cases discussed in my essay onof government employees, the conflict between management and anindividual's ethical obligation resulted in terminationof the individual's employment.
1. Myers' controversy grew out of Connick's decisionto transfer Myers to another section of court,where Myers believed she could have a conflict of interest,in violation of fundamental obligations of an attorney.

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In the United States The Code of Ethics for the Practice of Midwifery insures medical and professional ethic barriers to insure the safety and understanding of pregnant patients and their families.

The development of ethics values begin during childhood and continue to progress into adulthood.
It is not common that courts in the USA explicitly recognizethe need for professional autonomy.

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Of course, before a court will use a specific rule in an ethical codefrom a professional society, that rule must be intendedto protect the public Good, to confer an advantage ona member of the professional society.

He mentioned that ethics is an individual thought process of making good or poor decisions....

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Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, and Meyer (1987), define ethics as a “well based standard of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues”....

Designing and releasing malicious computer programs is notonly unethical, but also unlawful.

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The state of hospice ethics committees and the social work role.
AU: Csikai-E-E.
SO: Omega. 45I(3): 261-275, 2002.
This study found that in six states, most hospices (73 percent) had access to some type of ethics committee; however, less than 1/3 maintain a hospice-specific ethics committee. Social workers, although integral to the hospice team, were only members of about one-half of the hospice committees. Further, the study examined social workers’ current participation and role expectations of social workers and committee chairs for social work participation. Both groups viewed that social workers were important contributors and expected higher participation in all the three main activity areas–case consultation, policy, and education–than currently took place. As the particular skills and values of social work parallel both the purpose of ethics committees and hospice philosophy, and as these data suggest, opportunity exists for social workers to take on a greater role on hospice ethics committee and may be an important resource in the formation of such committees. (Journal Abstract.)