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According to a Department of Labor report, "[c]hild labor is simply the single most important source of child exploitation and child abuse in the world today" (Child Labour: Targeting the Intolerable, 1997).

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This country has well established laws concerning child labor, as well as education.

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The "temptation" could be to exploit workers or use children in factories because children are not being educated and are therefore available for work.

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It is my thesis that does not fuel the economy, but undermines the on which capitalism (according to Adam Smith) was built, and a good example of this today is child labor.

There are problems in violence, child abuse, slavery, child labor, ethnic cleansing, and molestation.

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They "often lack the political will and/or resources to implement actions that could significantly reduce the economic exploitation of children" (Child Labour: Targeting the Intolerable, 1997).

Trade restrictions should be imposed on countries from which substantiated child labor violations have been reported.

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Leaders need to focus now on fighting for child labor restrictions through international organizations and trade agreements to encourage future gains in other countries by increasing virtue and economic prosperity worldwide.

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In an article about child labor in South Africa, a young girl (of an unknown age, possibly 16) named Zodwa spoke of the reasons why she has been employed for the last eight years.

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They are the ones who would rather use the labor of a child in a hazardous work site than give that child an education that could possibly help him to create a way to perform that job in a cheaper, less dangerous way.