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Senior essay: An essay based on literature research (Chemistry 194, Senior Essay). After agreeing in advance on an appropriate topic of interest and a format, the student submits a satisfactory essay on the topic. Students arrange for a faculty sponsor by consulting with a relevant faculty member within the chemistry and biochemistry major program. In some cases, faculty outside these major programs (for example, in biology, ocean sciences, microbiology and environmental toxicology, or Earth sciences) may be an appropriate sponsor. Students who select a sponsor outside the chemistry and biochemistry major program should have the title and description of the proposed essay reviewed by the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department undergraduate faculty adviser. Students acquire experience and skills in scientific literature research as well as in the writing of a research paper.

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Essay on chemistry and biochemistry

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Chemistry students should be aware of the materials fee required for some courses. The fee is billed to the student’s account for specific laboratory materials purchased by the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department through the university. Fees generally range from $15 to $50 per course. Students may incur additional expense purchasing individual supplies.

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The chemistry and biochemistry adviser provides counsel to undergraduate majors. Students are encouraged to seek out advising and assistance in planning their academic career to ensure completion of their major in a timely manner. For assistance with advising, please refer to the Physical and Biological Sciences Undergraduate Affairs web site at .

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This 2-week summer program will utilize the Plant Cell Collection Library (PCCL) at UMass Amherst, a unique resource containing over 2,000 plant cell lines collected from across the globe. Over the two weeks, students will have opportunities to work closely with six UMass professors in the Biology Department and the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department, as well as a lab technician and a lab manager, to study plants and their importance to human life. You will learn first-hand about the exciting research currently underway in each of these professors’ labs. As a student, you will explore the wonderland of plant-derived natural products, and solve the mystery of a single plant cell line chosen specifically for this course. Finally, this course will give you the chance to have fun with live plants in a research environment, where you can appreciate their diversity, beauty and vast potential.

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Our competitive 6-week summer Research Intensives program places high-achieving high school students in professional working labs alongside distinguished faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in state-of-the-art labs. We offer placements in Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental Conservation, Physics, Psychology and Food Sciences.

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Chemistry and biochemistry faculty and approximately 90 graduate students and 30 postdoctoral fellows are housed in the Physical Sciences Building near the Science Library. Standard and specialized spectrophotometric equipment, a number of instruments devoted to structural studies, instrumentation for specialized analytical purposes, and computer facilities used in studies of structure and reactivity are all available. The Science Library has an excellent collection of current journals, in print and electronic form, and reference works, as well as earlier volumes of all the major journals. Additional source material can be readily and rapidly obtained on interlibrary loan.

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The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department welcomes applications from community college students who are prepared to enter as junior-level chemistry majors. Prior to transfer, students must complete equivalents to the major qualification policy courses; a full year of both general chemistry and calculus. Transfer students are also strongly encouraged to complete a year of organic chemistry and a year of calculus-based physics.

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Measurement and data processing The syllabus An explanation of the new syllabus format can be Options 2016 One option is studied from the choice of four below: - Materials Core topics (5 hours) Additional higher level topics (10 hours) - Biochemistry Core topics Additional higher level topics - Energy Core topics Additional higher level topics - Medicinal chemistry Core topics Additional higher level topics Practical work Internally assessed and externally moderated