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3. The admission process grabs students in, but financial aid and tuition costs leaves us blind sighted, angry and frustrated. Let’s start with the fact that many students especially in the CC bracket are not associated with their parents. The idea that parents are responsible for their children until they are 24 is ridiculous. Not to mention policies to protect people from abusing they system, especially in my case, are hurting the people who want an education, and now because of the credit stuff, we can’t get any more financial aid or go back to school.

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College is a great experience and you havce access to many important educational features. Take full advantage of everything your college has to offer because whether you know it or not- you are paying for it! Learn about student loans, the FAFSA and all means of paying for school. This can be a significant part of why people do not go to college. There are numerous scholorships and grants available for various people such as grants for mothers,ethnic backgrounds and 1st time college applicants in families. Research is key when finding out information about payments.

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I see both sides of the problem, but whats sad is my dad will make damn near twice as much money as I would coming out of college. With the degree on the piece of paper. Which is pathetic. Some people just need a break, so take a semester or two off. College is a grind and for some people they just need to take the time off. My friend who is one of the smartest guys in my class had to take a year off because he was worn out and it showed in his grades. He was put on academic probation. For others congrats on passing. I agree with the statement that High school is too lax with study habits. Most students dont even know how to take proper notes!!!! (me beign one of them) For most people the first semester is a eye opener that maybe the school or college just isnt the thing for them. FOr some the workplace is the best. But the 2 most BS statements about college is the horrible cost of books, of which half the time you dont even need, you pay $500 for books and half the time you dont even get 1/5th payback and the BS gen ed. I want to go to college and study my degree in history. Not learn about macro economics or music apriciation. I really dont see how supply and demand really tie into History. Take out the horrible costs of living in the dorms and the BS costs of books and let the students study for there actual degree and there would be a heck of lot more turn out for college. Thats my two cents

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I am currently a senior in college and could disagree more with almost all of these people who are putting down college because they couldn’t make it. Teachers shouldn’t have to force you to learn anything and most of they are extremely intelligent. People who complain that high school doesn’t prepare you have no one to blame but themselves. College teaches you a work ethic and responsibility. Having a degree gives you a very big advantage in the business world. For those of you applying for a job with no degree sorry to break it to you someone who has a degree is going to get the job, so it’s clearly not useless. Also saying that students out of college often need training for their new jobs is a obvious statement, of course they do. If they are not going to a trade school they are not going to know everything the job entails, but they will have a work ethic and though their education they are going to be better at taking instructions and figuring things out of their own which is what college teaches you. Being able to figure things out on your own is something every job requires and is what college prepares you for. No, college is not easy and it shouldn’t be. Teachers are not going to hold your hand and walk you through everything and neither is your boss.
Just because people are lazy and will try to find excuses about why college is so bad is an opinion, look at the facts of the average salary for a college graduate and a high school graduate. Also you can meet someone of your best lifetime friends and create social networks which will only benefit you in the future.

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I am an immigrant from cuba and i never failed a class in my life until i went to an american college . It was not the english because i learn it fast but it was rather the disengaging content , boring non motivational environment , and disrespectful teachers that made learning for me , useless, making my grades go down and fail some classes , the only thing that keeps me from dropping out is the fear of ending up working in some lame place for minimum wage . It should be easy for me because in cuba education is harder and we had to memorize the entire books and write endless paragraphs for each simple question that in the united states its just a matter of choosing the right letter from a multiple choice quiz/test. I feel frustrated right now.

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I have found a few of those to be true. I enlisted in college to be able to work in my field of choice but alos to leave the unemployment constraints of the county I live in. Due to the high unemployment conditions of my area the average manager, boss or supervisor, is a narcissistic, ego maniacial abusive control freaks. Theres nothing you can do because you are met with an attitude that if you dont like it you can go somewhere else. Fact is there is no where else to go. I dont fit in with the people I go to adult college with, because I did not fit in with them when I went to highschool.
There is minimal support from the teachers and even talk of that they are going to siphon people out just like they selected them to come in. The prgram I went for and got into was very competitive just like the jobs around here. If they do not like you it becomes dirty really quick