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Third, not all morality is enshrined in law because law is in a sense"incomplete". Many unfair and wrong business practices are not anticipatedand therefore not made illegal until someone invents and uses them in away that clearly mistreats others. These practices are wrong and immoralfrom inception, but not illegal until law "catches up" to them. In a sensemorality is "complete" and applies to all acts, but the law typically is"incomplete" and only applies to behaviors legislation has already addressed,or that the courts can interpret to have been addressed by implicationin existing law. Law has to be "invented" or manufactured; morality onlyhas to be recognized. And in the creating of specific laws with specificwording, loopholes creep in because it is difficult to predetermine andspecify those and only those acts intended to be covered. Morality doesnot have loopholes. It is probably impossible to make a complete set oflaws that anticipate, enumerate, fully describe, and forbid every possiblespecific wrong behavior.

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Sometimes morality is confused with religion and I have written aboutthat .But for purposes of this essay, it will not matter whether someone's moralprinciples are based on religious doctrine or commands or not. The importanttraits will be the soundness, and perceived soundness, of any moral principles,not their genesis.

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This essay is an attempt to cast some light on what the relationshipis and ought to be between law and morality. Given that some laws are immoral,that some laws reasonably are neutral with regard to morality, and thatthere are institutional limitations to enforcing some aspects of morality,the interesting question should be, not what the relationship is betweenlaw and morality, but what it ought to be.

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