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Therapy or joining a post-treatment support group may ease the emotional fallout of having had breast cancer. It may also help with the transition to life as a survivor. Since no two people experience breast cancer in exactly the same way, it is important to identify with—not compare—breast cancer experiences of others in a support group.

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Research Design
The report on this study established that patients with breast cancer experience a high rate and intensity of fatigue, pain and anxiety. Although studies have been conducted on each of these symptoms, there has been few studies produced which combine the symptoms into symptom clusters and examine the relationship between symptoms. This study examined the aforementioned three symptoms as a cluster in relation to the psychological disorder of depression in cancer patients. Perhaps the major driving force of this study is a greater understanding of the factors that can manipulate the quality of life of Chinese breast cancer patients. This study considered and analyzed type of treatment, household income, the prevalence of symptoms, social support and family life as factors that affect the quality of life of patients. An elaborate analysis of the effect that the symptom cluster of fatigue, pain and anxiety have on the outcome of the patient is comprised the majority of the report on this study.

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The Symptom Cluster
The research found that out fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression, severe levels of fatigue was the most common symptom, experienced by 36% of the respondents. Furthermore, patients undergoing radiotherapy experienced lower levels of fatigue than those undergoing chemotherapy. Furthermore, high levels of anxiety and depression indicate a correlation between breast cancer treatment and negative effects on the psychological well being of patients. Since it is a Chinese cultural norm to internalize emotions, detection of psychological symptoms is vital in order to receive proper psychological relief. The research explained that pain and fatigue had both direct and indirect effects on psychological symptoms, which supports the existence of a symptom cluster (So. W, et al., 2009).

In the randomised TARGIT-A trial, two policies of local radiation treatment after breast cancer surgery are compared:

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When treatment for an early stage breast cancer is a lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy, it is possible to keep a nearly normal work routine. Returning to work can occur several days after surgery. Work during radiation treatment, which usually follows a few weeks after surgery, can be accomplished by scheduling treatment before beginning the work day or after the work day. Radiation has a cumulative effect—the primary side effect, fatigue, does not set in until after several treatments.

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If breast cancer returns after initial treatment, local disease may be treated with surgery, while more widespread disease will be treated with combinations of similar drugs to those used in adjuvant treatment. Common drugs include anthracyclines and taxanes.

Includes additional information on treatment, making decisions around treatment and managing side effects of breast cancer treatment.

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Loved ones and friends may inadvertently add to the burden of the those recovering from breast cancer. They may expect patients to return to their old selves soon after treatment is completed. This is an unrealistic expectation. There needs to be a period of adjustment following the end of active treatment; it can’t be rushed. However, it can be made easier.

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Patients, being treated with chemotherapy or targeted therapy may find that they can manage a reduced work schedule if permitted to work from home. Getting through treatment is easier with the support of friends and family. Taking “time outs” from all things breast cancer, such as a lunch out with a friend, shopping, or a movie goes a long way towards lifting the spirits.