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I’ve had a blast visiting mid- century modern stores like in Chicago, in Nashville (long before I took this plunge) and the awesome in Milwaukee.Of course 1952 is not all that has been built up to be. The United States tested the first hydrogen bomb at the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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Atomic bombs produce heat millions of degrees high, and visible ultraviolet and inferred rays.(Lapp 844) Everyone and everything exposed to their blast is affected.

The bombs’ effects from the blast, extreme heat, and radiation left an estimated 140,000 people dead.
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Atomic bomb trauma —primary injury (blast injury) —secondary injuries sustained from flying debris, burial under rubble, and blast compression

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When I began the process of revising this essay in July 2014, I knew that this section would be one of the more painful to revisit. Not only was it painful, I spent more time revising this section than any other. Similar to orthodox historians who argue that the , the orthodox position, soon after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, has been that those atoms bombs saved lives, as they quickly ended the war. A few years later, "War is Peace" in Orwell's , and orthodox American historians have defended the atom bombs ever since 1945 as life-saving weapons, without a trace of irony.

After The Bomb. Survivors of the Atomic Blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki share their stories. Photographs by HARUKA SAKAGUCHI | Introduction By LILY ROTHMAN

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