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Since three different components are provided by a single donation, three different people may be helped by it. Considering the millions of people needing blood every year, imagine how each donation is, therefore, precious.

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Each year, thousands of people die because of needing an organ transplant or blood donation....

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Under the initiative of Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology, since 1975, 1st October is observed in India as National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. Besides natural disasters and diseases, an unstoppable increase in road accidents is a major factor in India that necessitates the demand for blood. Thus, on this day, several camps are organized in our country to influence people to donate blood willingly.

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There may be different reasons behind the blood requirement of an ill person. Maybe he has met with an accident, has undergone an operation or is suffering from an illness like anemia. Your donated blood goes on to help this affected person in overcoming his critical situation and regain new life. It symbolizes a helpful and responsible gesture not only to the person in need, but also towards society at large.

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