NURS 1033 Being a Health Professional Assignment 2 (2000 words 20%)

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Part 1A General importance of recognising culture in the workplace: We often treat people the way our culture has taught us therefore it is important as professionals that we learn about other cultures in our society as what you say might affect their well-being.

There are a number of factors that make being safe something that all health care professionals should strive for.

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Select one (1) client from the Being a Health Professional Horizon Community.
Read the National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse (NMBA 2006), Standard 9 entitled ‘Establishes, maintains and appropriately concludes therapeutic relationships’ AND Select one (1) of the professional attributes listed in the following sub-section: 9.1 Establishes therapeutic relationships that are goal directed and recognises professional boundaries.
Discuss why this attribute is important to your role as a future registered nurse in establishing, maintaining and concluding a therapeutic relationship with your chosen client.

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As a healthcare professional the therapeutic relationship is fundamental to your practice in providing quality patient care. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse (2006) identifies ‘Collaborative and therapeutic practice’ as one of the four domains. In this assignment you are required to select one client from NURS 1033, Being a Health Professional Horizon community and examine attributes found within this domain – Collaborative and therapeutic practice.

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A person must me a certain criteria when being evaluated on professionalism, a person is judged based on the clients; Attitude, Values, Communication techniques, and approachability....

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