Beethoven Lives Upstairs Questions: 1

Thad gives special thanks to his mentor, the late Robert Hazzard

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra presents
Family Discovery Series
Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Daniel Brier, Conductor
Leslie Ann Sheppard as Christoph
Thad Avery as Uncle

For their first Family Discovery concert of the season, the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra presents Beethoven Lives Upstairs.

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Book: Beethoven Lives Upstairs Date: 3-1-17 Session #: 1

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His life and music are an inspiration for all of us” stated conductor Daniel Brier.

The world famous production of Beethoven Lives Upstairs features a lively exchange of letters between young Christoph and his uncle.

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Aug 16, 2017 · In front of Mozart’s apartment (now an amazing museum) Beethoven Lives Upstairs (literally)

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KSO presents Beethoven Lives Upstairs for their first concert in the 2015-16 Family Discovery Series

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