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Unfortunately, the state government’s sincere effort in the rehabilitation of Suleja –Minna road was sabotaged, as the road attracted quite an unusual traffic of heavy-duty vehicles that have left the road in a pitiably bad state. This has again restored the problems previously encountered in plying the potholed roads.

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Continuous maintenance of federal roads isn’t a sustainable venture by a government that has a lot of electoral promises to fulfil in the face of an economic recession. We don’t have to point out the proximity of Niger State to FCT, and how a bad road as that of the essential Suleja – Abuja road deters both investors and tourists to the state.

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And what if my opinion is inclined 50% to one side and 50% to another side. Like fb is good in some aspect and also bad in other. Explaining this will make my essay discussion one? Is it ok to give diplomatic answers?
For discussion essay, we talk about both positive and negative
For opinion essay, can we talk about both?, what if i have both feeling? or should i clearly stand to my points inclining one side only?

Just how bad are Louisiana's roads? State continues to struggle with how to upgrade substandard roads, bridges
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Report: Bad roads put Michigan recovery in jeopardy. The report calls for increased investment in transportation at the local, state and the federal levels

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Aug 19, 2014 · Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, complaining of the bad roads and drains in your own town.(2014) Examination …

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