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The largest displays of street art are in the laneways of the CBD, in particular Union Lane and Hossier Lane. There you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by many other people touring the art. However, there’s also plenty of street art sprinkled through other inner-city suburbs such as Windsor and South Melbourne.

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Witcombe, each essay examines issues and ideas pertaining to the study of art and art history

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I am glad the Vatican has chosen to clarify the situation with Kim Davis, and I want to believe that Pope Francis doesn't support her position. Given his long record of opposing gay marriage, I doubt that his view of it strays far from hers. Gay and transgendered people have been brutalized by the Catholic church for so many years, and I am weary and defensive. The institution that he represents is steeped in violent homophobia and misogyny. I appreciate Pope Francis' courageous statements about climate change. I believe that the subjugation of women and the earth is one and the same; the same element that persecutes gay people and enslaves women is the one that perpetuates genocide against indigenous people and rapes the earth for short-sighted gain. So to me, the protection of nature and the civil rights of women, gay people and transgendered people are parallel and interdependent. And next week, the safety and well-being of so many gay and trans kids and adults around the world will be determined by the message that the pope has projected. -ANOHNI

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Apparently was working behind the scenes to undermine gay rights in America. How shameful and pathetic of him. I have been so impressed with his approach to climate and his call to end the death penalty in the US. But for him to make insidious comments about how the "traditional family" is under threat (presumably from gay marriage) and then to secretly meet that poor misguided cretin Kim Davis... I am glad that he is mobilizing his flock to care about nature, but i would still prefer that they would all just evacuate to their heaven now and leave the rest of humanity and nature in peace here on earth. Pope Francis seems still to be causing harm and burning witches in the name of Christ, just like his forefathers.

Art is a common topic to get in IELTS writing task 2. Below is a sample essay question with ideas.

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All visual art mediums are acceptable (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital, prints, fiber art, collage or installation art) except sound and video art.

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Your paper should include: Bio of the Artist, Visual Analysis, Historical Classification

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A work-in-progress screening of Antony and Charles Atlas' tour documentary film TURNING is being presented at the closing night gala at on November 11th in Copenhagen. Click on the image above for further information on the screening.

In 2006 Antony and the Johnsons and Charles Atlas toured Europe with a concert and live video portrait of 13 women from New York City. The film TURNING explores the heart of that performance. Through its synthesis of Antony´s songs and unfurling video portraiture of the beauties who performed on stage, TURNING creates an intimate and cinematic experience exploring the themes of identity, transcendence and the revelation of essence.

In this Competition, you can submit drawings, paintings and digital art.

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The artist's focus should enhance our appreciation and respect for the environment's delicate balance, as it protects and ensures the survival of our planet.

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