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Whether Jacob or his mother Rebeka were most blameable in this impositionupon Isaac in his old age, I cannot determine. However the blessing beingdelivered as a prediction of future events, by a Divine impulse, and foretellingthings to befall to the posterity of Jacob and Esau in future ages, wasfor certain providential; and according to what Rebeka knew to be the purposeof God, when he answered her inquiry, "before the children were born,"Genesis 25:23, "that one people should be stronger than the otherpeople; and the elder, Esau, should serve the younger, Jacob." WhetherIsaac knew or remembered this old oracle, delivered in our copies onlyto Rebeka; or whether, if he knew and remembered it, he did not endeavorto alter the Divine determination, out of his fondness for his elder andworser son Esau, to the damage of his younger and better son Jacob, asJosephus elsewhere supposes, Antiq. B. II. ch. 7. sect. 3; I cannot certainlysay. if so, this might tempt Rebeka to contrive, and Jacob to put thisimposition upon him. However, Josephus says here, that it was Isaac, andnot Rebeka, who inquired of God at first, and received the forementionedoracle, sect. 1; which, if it be the true reading, renders Isaac's proceduremore inexcusable. Nor was it probably any thing else that so much encouragedEsau formerly to marry two Canaanitish wives, without his parents' consent,as Isaac's unhappy fondness for him.

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3. As soon as the altar was prepared, and Abraham had laid on the wood,and all things were entirely ready, he said to his son, "O son, Ipoured out a vast number of prayers that I might have thee for my son;when thou wast come into the world, there was nothing that could contributeto thy support for which I was not greatly solicitous, nor any thing whereinI thought myself happier than to see thee grown up to man's estate, andthat I might leave thee at my death the successor to my dominion; but sinceit was by God's will that I became thy father, and it is now his will thatI relinquish thee, bear this consecration to God with a generous mind;for I resign thee up to God who has thought fit now to require this testimonyof honor to himself, on account of the favors he hath conferred on me,in being to me a supporter and defender. Accordingly thou, my son, wiltnow die, not in any common way of going out of the world, but sent to God,the Father of all men, beforehand, by thy own father, in the nature ofa sacrifice. I suppose he thinks thee worthy to get clear of this worldneither by disease, neither by war, nor by any other severe way, by whichdeath usually comes upon men, but so that he will receive thy soul withprayers and holy offices of religion, and will place thee near to himself,and thou wilt there be to me a succorer and supporter in my old age; onwhich account I principally brought thee up, and thou wilt thereby procureme God for my Comforter instead of thyself."

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2. Now I have undertaken the present work, as thinking it will appear to all the Greeks worthy of their study; for it will contain all our antiquities, and the constitution of our government, as interpreted out of the Hebrew Scriptures. And indeed I did formerly intend, when I wrote of the war, to explain who the Jews originally were, - what fortunes they had been subject to, - and by what legislature they had been instructed in piety, and the exercise of other virtues, - what wars also they had made in remote ages, till they were unwillingly engaged in this last with the Romans: but because this work would take up a great compass, I separated it into a set treatise by itself, with a beginning of its own, and its own conclusion; but in process of time, as usually happens to such as undertake great things, I grew weary and went on slowly, it being a large subject, and a difficult thing to translate our history into a foreign, and to us unaccustomed language. However, some persons there were who desired to know our history, and so exhorted me to go on with it; and, above all the rest, Epaphroditus, a man who is a lover of all kind of learning, but is principally delighted with the knowledge of history, and this on account of his having been himself concerned in great affairs, and many turns of fortune, and having shown a wonderful rigor of an excellent nature, and an immovable virtuous resolution in them all. I yielded to this man's persuasions, who always excites such as have abilities in what is useful and acceptable, to join their endeavors with his. I was also ashamed myself to permit any laziness of disposition to have a greater influence upon me, than the delight of taking pains in such studies as were very useful: I thereupon stirred up myself, and went on with my work more cheerfully. Besides the foregoing motives, I had others which I greatly reflected on; and these were, that our forefathers were willing to communicate such things to others; and that some of the Greeks took considerable pains to know the affairs of our nation.

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