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A broken crack, , was interpreted as a "no" answer, an unbroken crack, , as a "yes." The elaborates on this, by grouping the lines into sets of threes (the trigrams) and into sets of sixes (the hexagrams).
There are eight trigrams:
Among the trigrams it is noteworthy that in all the children, the sex is determined by the line, so that the trigrams are predominately the quality from the sex of the child.

Australia in Muslim Discovery by Dzavid Haveric

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The book consists of four forms of writing.

It is noteworthy that the extension of Mandarin into the Southwest was in part the result of veterans being settled there after the were ejected from China and the Dynasty founded.

Basic Characteristics of Chinese Culture

I have rearranged the list to move the apparently more conservative languages towards the bottom of the table, though, of course, not all the indications are consistent.

Batsford, 1908 (through Bill Thayer's )

To the northeast is a conspicuous, twin-peaked mountain,

Lee and Ken Smith, in their translations from the , assert:

First of all, Confucius almost certainly didn't "say" these things, since written Chinese is scarcely a direct transcript of spoken language but a fundamentally different system with its own inner logic and grammatical structure.

[]The trigrams contrast the Moutain, , with the Lake, .

[, Museworks, Hong Kong, 2010, p.9]This is rather like a claim that the Romans already spoke Italian and that Latin was an artificial language only used in writing.

11. Predominance of Morality and Under-Development of Law

The curious idea that something like Mandarin was already an ancient spoken language and that Classical Chinese is some sort of abbreviation or code derived from it can be found in various sources.

The uses the trigrams by combining pairs of them into 64 hexagrams.

This imposes a vast unnecessary burden on them, but even some teachers and scholars of Chinese sometimes have trouble accepting that the ancient language is not the modern one and that the ancient language is part of the civilization of Korea, Vietnam, and Japan as much as of modern China.

The free market would thus be the Not Doing of government.

Mediaeval Latin slowly evolved from Classical Latin, but the preservation of the older literature, like Cicero, made it possible to write a "purified" Latin prose during the Renaissance.

This kind of reversal turns up frequently in the .

And it is not in the least surprising that the language Confucius spoke more than two thousand years ago should be quite different from any modern language.

The whole family go to America.

Thus, Classical can be distinguished from Vedic Sanskrit, which has more in common with Old Persian and thus was certainly the original spoken language, although we cannot rule out some garbling in transmission, since documentary sources are late.