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Indy rode out to Demetrios' ranch to steal back the . He found it in a locked cupboard, but was discovered by Demetrios. A fight ensued during which the house was set on fire. Indy escaped with the jackal's head but a trapped Demetrios was killed when the fire reached the ammunition and gunpowder stored in the basement. With the jackal's head safe, Indy caught up with Remy and they headed to to catch passage on a ship to Europe and the Great War. The two attempted to smuggle themselves aboard the ship by hiding in the rescue boats, but they were discovered, and thus had to work as deckhands to pay for the journey. While crossing the , Jones prevented a German agent from inciting a war between the USA and Mexico.

Al Capone Does My Shirts - essay outline

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Indy met up with Lily again who was aboard, but had no money. He let her stay in his cabin as he sat off to search for the box with the diamond in the cabins of the other three men. Remy tried to distract the men with a game of cards while Indy searched, however Jongrann returned to his cabin before Indy could search the room. Indy and Remy both sneaked into his room while he slept, but Jongrann woke up and pulled a gun on them. Before he could shoot, however, pirates boarded the ship and started attacking everyone. Indy briefly engaged in a ferocious duel of lightning-fast kicks using Northern Style Kung-Fu against a pirate using the the same style of martial arts, and barely emerged victorious. The female pirate captain, who turned out to be Jin Ming, the singer from the ship's nightclub, demanded everyone's possessions and Indy and Remy were surprised to find that Lily had the box. She told Indy that she was the one who shot Zyke; he was supposed to be her partner, but he was going to kill her.

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At , Indy was told by the that he couldn't spare any men to help Indy with the return journey. Indy vowed to make the return trip with the small band that was left. Remy thought Indy was crazy for trying and refused to participate. Jones pulled rank on him, and Baudouin capitulated but left his superior a punch in the face. They loaded the weapons and supplies onto . Sloat was not happy with Indy rigging the ship with explosives.

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In , having barely survived a hair-raising dig in Tikal, , Jones returned to New York just in time to get caught up in a controversy. gave him a journal belonging to British explorer who had recently gone missing in . The contents of the journal had the potential to revolutionize history, and make or break several scientific reputations. Fawcett described a lost city in the Brazilian jungle with its mythical red-headed race who may have been the descendants of ancient Celtic druids. Indy and Deirdre set out to find the explorer, boarding a ship to Rio de Janeiro, onboard which they also were married in the process. The pair were eventually captured by the same cannibalistic Indian tribe of who captured Fawcett. The kidnappers needed new blood to veil their city but Indy, Deirdre and Fawcett managed to flee. Their plane crashed, however, and Jones lost his new bride as the only one aboard to survive.

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In Wales, Stein was captured by the Nazis, who had been collaborating with the Blueshirts in Ireland. The Joneses returned to Ireland, where Indiana rescued Stein, and O'Neal and the elder Jones assembled the spear, using a sprig of the . Back at the mound, the Spear revealed its true nature in the morning equinox light, and the Nazi plot was thwarted with the death of Dieterhoffmann, and his mystic son, . However, the spear tip was again stolen by the Nazis.

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Al Capone Does My Shirts, by , has been critically acclaimed since it was published in 2004. And when we say acclaimed, we're talking by the Newbery Honor folks. Which is basically like the president of children's books giving you the seal of approval. And it's easy to see why—this book dives into both unusual and usual terrain at once, combining the unusual setting of living on Alcatraz Island while Al Capone's a prisoner there with the totally usual struggles of growing up, particularly with a sister who has some troubles of her own.