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It is possible to be asked about musical instruments in all parts of the IELTS speaking test. Below are some questions which mostly appear in part 1 but questions 4 to 5 can appear in part 1 and part 3. Two model answers are given below as well. This is topic currently being used in 2017.

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Essay Topic: Musical Instrument History Timeline and How Music Has Influenced Human’s Society

The science of making musical instruments ..

In this case,you can take any material.”

From wind instruments to violins,scientists and musical instrument makerscontinue to test the use of traditionalmaterials, while looking for ways tointegrate new ones.

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Klaus has written a series of articles on lesser known figures in the history of musicalinstrument making, among them William Lander, a brazier living in Mere, Wiltshire from1763–1843.

Until the late 1800s this presented some major problems for musicians and makers of instruments.

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All musical instruments fit into one of the above categories. The human voice is the first wind instrument. Reeds and Pipes would have followed and a number of such instruments were created. The material out of which these instruments were made greatly affected the sound they produced. The tone quality varies considerably on account of the shape of the instrument and the material it was made from.

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The instrument is placed flat on the knees or table of the musician; the strings are plucked with the finger or with two plectra, one plectrum attached to the forefinger of each hand.

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But we also know that many (probably most) professional musicians, conductors and composers don't understand the instrument either, and some of them also come here looking for information.

The choice of material in amusical instrument sometimes comesdown to one important factor: looks.

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His doctoral research dealt with the application of quantum physics to musical instruments.

Now, Smith uses his scientific background to manufacture brass instruments with high sound quality at his own company, SmithWatkins, where he designs instruments with trumpet player Derek Watkins.

Great Highland Bagpipe music is written in the key of , and the instrument is in that key, even though it may not sound like  to a musician.

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The categories include: String Instruments, Wind Instruments, Percussion Instruments, Styles of Music, Groups of Musicians, Singing, Musical Notation, and Composers.

In the first half of the 20th century it was common for the riq to be the sole percussion instrument in art-music ensembles.

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It is the only wind instrument used in Arab art music, widely appreciated for its warm, breathy sound and its subtle tonal and dynamic inflections. Masters of the nay: Bassam Saba (Lebanon).