3. Someone just became a parent.

Bad habits can be hard to break, and good ones can be even harder to start. However, it takes about three weeks of doing something for it to become a habit, so challenge yourself to work good habits into your life.

7. Someone got a job offer today.

Whether that parenthood be to a pet or a human, that's still pretty amazing.

8. A dog or a cat was just pet and is so happy now.

Challenges of life bring out the best in young people
Should entertainers and sports stars be paid such large sums of money? What are you view?

9. Someone had their first kiss today.

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5. Someone just made it out a surgery and will recover with no complications.

Describe the first hour of a day at school

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“After a bus journey you arrived at your relatives home to stay for a few days. You find that you have picked the wrong bag……
Write an account of what happened.”
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You just have one more chance to prove you can do it

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Write about occasions when you felt extremely bored

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(i) A time when efforts efforts to please someone ended in failure;
(ii) How much of your progress at school is the result of your own ability, good luck or good teaching?

Describe a time when efforts to please someone ended in failure

essay on: describe a busy day of someone who works in your area
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If you've ever hunted for jobs, you know this is a reason to smile. #OutOfMomsBasementHereICome

Act of selfishness that caused unhappiness

Don't you just love love? Two people get to spend the rest of their lives together starting today. Makes my heart swoon just thinking about it.

Just imagine it's little tail wagging and waving and all the soft purrs.

A rich man unexpectedly lost all his wealth

Yeah. You read that correctly. I'm not sure whether I should be happy or confused that there is no milk in them but, always good to know Go surprise a vegan friend with them.

Ohlalala. It's a fun memory regardless of how sweet/awful/tongue-y it was.

Time seems to stand still or go much too quickly

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