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Meanwhile, employees may challenge their lack of workplace privacy rights through lawsuits. In fact, some already have and won. Despite the absence of employee privacy rights laws and the dismal lacking of those that do exist, employers don't always have the right to violate fundamental American privacy values.

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Employee Rights in the Workplace essaysThe idea of employee rights involves many complex issues

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For example, employers don't have the right to turn workplace surveillance into workplace voyeurism. In a couple of similar workplace privacy lawsuits won by employees, employers claimed "" as the reason they secretly videotaped employees in company locker rooms; but, instead of revealing illegal drug use or sales, the hidden cameras embarrassingly exposed employees changing their clothing. In so many words, the courts found that type of employee surveillance to be a blatantly disrespectful privacy invasion.

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It's also a good idea for employees to learn their employers' policies that deny them workplace privacy rights. If employees violate such policies, then their employers might have to them. In fact, several employers surveyed by the AMA had fired employees for policy violations regarding misuse of the Internet (30%), email (28%) or phones (6%).

Employee privacy rights in the workplace should be broken down into categories of who should know what about whom....

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Employers may spy on their employees in those ways and then some, because they have the right to protect their buildings, office equipment and such. Subsequently, security legally trumps employee privacy rights in the workplace.

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The National Work Rights Institute states, under the federal law, "the limited protection the Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986 provides to employees' has been reduced because the statue has been outdated." Electronic monitoring has seen a tremendous growth in the workplace, in the pas...

The rights to privacy in the workplace only provide limited protection for workers against monitoring and breach of confidentiality.

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This essay will discuss all of these topics, namely, (1) thehistorical roots of the concept of privacy, including the developmentof privacy protection in tort and constitutional law, and thephilosophical responses that privacy is merely reducible to otherinterests or is a coherent concept with fundamental value, (2) thecritiques of privacy as a right, (3) the wide array of philosophicaldefinitions or defenses of privacy as a concept, providing alternativeviews on the meaning and value of privacy (and whether or not it isculturally relative), as well as (4) the challenges to privacy posedin an age of technological advance. Overall, most writers defend thevalue of privacy protection despite the difficulties inherent in itsdefinition and its potential use to shield abuse. A contemporarycollection of essays on privacy provides strong evidence to supportthis point (Paul et al., 2000). The contributing authorsexamine various aspects of the right to privacy and its role in moralphilosophy, legal theory, and public policy. They also addressjustifications and foundational arguments for privacy rights.

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There seems to be no legal issue today that cuts so wide a swath through conflicts confronting American society: from AIDS tests to wiretaps, polygraph test to computerized data bases, the common denominator has been whether the right to privacy outweighs other concerns of society…" This quote from Robert Ellis Smith explains, in one sentence, the absolute need to ensure privacy in the workplace.

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Employee workplace privacy rights are virtually nonexistent in employment. That's because up to 92% of private-sector employers conduct some type of electronic surveillance on their employees, according to estimates. Most may do so even without the consent or knowledge of their employees.