Human Rights Act 1998 The Pre-HRA situation:

“[T]he Human Rights Act 1998 [HRA] is a vital tool in the domestic protection of fundamental rights. It has been a victim of a sustained campaign of misinformation, such that its repeal is now seen as a vote winner. Our liberties are too important to be

[T]he Human Rights Act 1998 [HRA]

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Some are due to parents and doctors following outdated medical advice and some are sadly due to the religious beliefs of parents.There is a human right to “manifest your religion” (Article 9 of the Human Rights Act 1998) and this is used as the justification for circumcising children.

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In the United Kingdom, the judges have long been engaged in the discharge of functions of a legislative as well as of a judicial character. Indeed, the responsibility of the English judges for the formulation and development of the common law predates both the establishment of Britain in its present form and the entrenchment of a democratic form of government within the nation's borders. In the 20th century, the ‘evolution’ of the tort of negligence alone saw a great expansion in the liability of property owners, public officials, and others for actions and/or omissions that could be retrospectively characterised as negligent by the courts. This chapter discusses the provisions of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights which, when viewed together with the Strasbourg case law, demonstrate why it is likely that the Act will have such a large impact on tort law. Some obstacles that lie in the way of a coherent reception of the Human Rights Act into UK law are also considered.

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Section 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998 has imposed a new method of statutory interpretation on UK courts and tribunals in the UK. Explain what the position was before the HRA came into effect and how section 3 has changed that position. Then find two examples of cases where a court has put the new method of statutory interpretation into effect, and explain the process. Finally discuss the limits to the new method of statutory interpretation.

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