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One of the lead tracks from Big Time, which is basically a solo album, with some help from rough Ultramagnetic affiliate Tim Dog. Kool Keith’s trademark weirdness (and ass-crack obsession) is in full effect on the album, bizarre lyrics galore. “The Industry Is Wack” is a more ‘normal’ type song – on which Kool Keith and Tim Dog give their opinion on the (Hip Hop) music industry and wack rappers. Raw.

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Hip hop, however, has transformed into mainstream culture, therefore losing itself.

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Affects on the Black family and community: -Hip Hop music can be used as a political movement and promote change.

-Hip Hop music can help form identity of black youth.

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Young America now embraces hip-hop as the signal pop-music genre of its time.

This music is in the rap/hip hop genre

I believe Hip-Hop & Rap music is misunderstood. Every since the genre of r&b evolved to rap there has been negative criticism over the culture and use of language and images that are categorized as inappropriate. I enjoy listening to this genre of music and at time I don’t even think about what the lyrics really mean, but as when I listen closely the lyrics can be considered offensive but to me it’s an expression on thought and music is an expression on how an artist feels. Sometimes rap music puts you in the right place.

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The downside is that hip-hop uses words that many people find offensive and disrespectful. I believe that many painting in museums can be considered offensive but most people called that art. I believe that music is a form of art but most want to say its garbage. Everyone needs to just give hip-hop/rap a chance it’s an expression of words in people’s lives. I believe music is a freedom of someone to express themselves. All music has controversial lyrics but I feel like rap gets too much hate people that it’s so negative. Money is why rap is how it is and less money isn’t going to change that.

Hip-hop dance plays an important role as an outlet for young people to express themselves.

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There are elements in music video that are offensive showing female in particular outfits and scenes of violence and drug use. That is not every single elements of hip-hop though, a majority of it is just artist speaking there lyrics having a good time.

There are two broad categories of Hip-hop dance: new school and old school.

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The quintessential track and one of Hip Hop’s best songs ever, bar none. A classic narrative of life on the NYC streets, this is one of the many classics Nas’ partnership with would yield and just maybe the biggest of them all.

Hip hop is a form of art which can be expressed through rap songs, break-dancing, and graffiti art.

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Music is out-spoken and liberal it isn’t something that should be conservative and privatized. Rap gets me excited and just puts me in the zone like nothing can matters. My favorite rap artist is Drake, he has evolved rap in contributing to making his musical very lyrical and not materialistic like many critics describe hip-hop. Artist like Lil Wayne have evolved from past artist like Notorious B.I.G collaborating with more artist to make hit records than just going solo of an album.