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Used as a diversion for Pettigrew to fake his own death and escape in his unregistered form (a fat grey ) from 's attempt to kill him for betraying and to ; framed Black for it plus the betrayal and landed him in without a trial.

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How is the idea of good versus evil complicated in this sequel?

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On their way back to Gryffindor Tower, Harry and Ron find Hermione, who informs them that the Ministry has decided to execute Buckbeak despite the help she provided for Buckbeak's defence.

What role does the element of fear play in this novel?

Buckbeak's impending execution causes the friends to reconcile. Ron promises to help Hermione work on filing an appeal for Buckbeak's case, since Harry will be too busy with Quidditch practise sessions for the final match. After Malfoy mocks Hagrid during one of his classes, Hermione smacks him in the face. She then accidentally skips Charms. In Divination, Hermione finally explodes and drops the class.

How do demeanors embody the idea of fear?

Third year DADA lesson on werewolves

That night, Ron wakes up to Sirius Black slashing his bed curtains in the boys' dormitory. Everyone thinks it might be a nightmare but the curtains are indeed ripped and Sir Cadogan proves Ron right beyond any reasonable doubt when he happily admits he let Sirius Black into Gryffindor Tower. Black apparently had the whole week's passwords on a piece of paper. A furious Professor McGonagall demands to know who wrote down the passwords and lost them, to which Neville admits to being the perp.

Monstrous , the most savage werewolf of modern times

Lupin compliments Harry on his Patronus and shows Harry that the "Dementors" were really , , , and , the Slytherin team captain, trying to sabotage Harry. A furious McGonagall takes fifty points away from Slytherin and sentences all four of them to detention as punishment. The Gryffindors celebrate until Professor Mcgonagall tells them to go to bed. But Ron still refuses to reconcile with Hermione

Final chapter of teen sci-fi franchise gets lost in its own maze of a WTF plot

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When Harry awakes the next morning, he goes downstairs hoping to watch TV. Unfortunately for him, he finds his Uncle Vernon and Dudley already watching the news and sits down with them unnoticed as the channel's anchorman is halfway through the report on word from the out on the London streets of an escaped convict, , who Uncle Vernon comments looks like he came from an asylum rather than a prison. This is obviously because the mental state of Black's gaunt face and elbow-length hair is almost like comparing him to Harry, who luckily feels well groomed. The reporter then transitions to his report on the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries' announcement without implying beforehand which prison or asylum Black has escaped from, much to Uncle Vernon's confusion.

The Weasleys were arguing about whether or not to tell Harry that Sirius had escaped from Azkaban.

Greyback's appearance when in human form has a wolf like quality

A tiny from Black then arrives on the train with a . In the letter, Black reveals that he is travelling far away from Hogwarts to avoid causing further problems and admits he bought Harry the Firebolt with Crookshanks' help. A separate section of the letter provides Harry with permission to visit Hogsmeade; Harry knows Dumbledore will accept it. Sirius also mentions that the tiny owl is a gift for Ron (later named by ), since it is Black's fault that Ron no longer has a rat.

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Remus Lupin transforming into a werewolf

Another search of the castle takes place, but Black evades capture again. Tighter security is put in place: Professor Flitwick is teaching the doors to recognise Sirius Black while Argus Filch boards up everything Black can use to sneak in except the passageway into Hogsmeade. Sir Cadogan is fired and the Fat Lady resumes her duty guarding on the condition her portrait is to be guarded. Ron becomes an instant celebrity, which he enjoys. Neville, on the other hand, is in complete disgrace: Professor McGonagall is so furious with him that she strips him of his visitation rights to Hogsmeade for the rest of the school year, gives him a detention and forbids the other Gryffindors to tell him the password. His grandmother, , sends him a Howler two days later.