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An A+ rated uPVC window can be achieved in many formats, typically a thermal outer frame and thermally reinforced opening sashes will be used as well as warm edge spacer bars within the glass units. Then a high performance glass will be specified, for double glazed units a double soft coat low-e glass unit configuration will achieve an overall A+ rating.

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At AWM upvc windows in Sheffield we recommend making every possible step to increase the security of your new or existing upvc windows and doors; including high security cylinder locks; reinforced window friction stays, security glass and reinforced window frames. Retro-fitting these items can be a costly process, however if you are considering buying new upvc windows in Sheffield it is advisable to take these steps as the windows are being made.

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White uPVC Windows and Doors: £3000

The energy efficiency of conservatories is massively influenced by the conservatory roof glass specification. At AWM we recommend installing a self-cleaning glass with a u-value of no more than 1.2. This enables the conservatory to be used in all seasons by minimising the solar gain in Summer and minimising heat loss in the Winter.

Light Oak / Mahogany / Rosewood uPVC Windows and Doors: £3660

Self-cleaning glass also improves the aesthetics of conservatories as well as allowing more light to pass through the roof and into the conservatory. To arrange to view one of our recently completed conservatories in Doncaster please call us or visit our website.

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Conservatory roof glass comes in many different specifications. At AWM we recommend both Pilkington Activ’ self-cleaning glass and Saint-Gobain Bio-Clean glass. Self-cleaning glass has an active layer that is able to break down the organic dirt such as tree sap. When the conservatory experiences rainfall the rain is then able to wash away the inorganic dirt that is left as the roof glass has a non-stick layer.

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How does a window minimise air leakage?

3) Solar gain is the measure of how much of the sun’s natural heat energy is allowed to enter your home, therefore allowing your home to gain free heat energy, thus reducing the need for additional heat sources during daytime hours.

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Sheffield is subject to regular adverse weather conditions including extreme cold which can cause damage to conservatories if engineering bricks are not installed beneath the house damp course. Engineering bricks ensure that water does not soak into the damp course and expand when external temperatures drop below freezing. It is also advised to install high quality conservatory floor insulation under the concrete floor to ensure that the floor temperature remains warm in the Yorkshire Winter months.

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The maximum and minimum sizes for uPVC sash windows are as follows:

Energy efficient low-e glass is able to reflect heat waves as it contains metal layers that block the long wave heat energy from both entering and leaving the conservatory. There are many types of low-e glass technology, soft coat glass technology is able to perform better than hard coat glass technology, therefore it is recommended to install soft coat low-e glass in conservatories in Doncaster.