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Dupont de l'Eure, who had been recognised by the Chamber of Deputies as their proposed figure-head of the new order, (and who had famously opposed the restoration of the French monarchy at the end of the earlier French Revolutionary and Napoleonic era), was installed as the leader of this new government.

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Democratic socialists renamed themselves this after the far left of the first French Revolution.d.

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The Revolutionary upheavals after 1789 occurred in a French domestic situation where perhaps a million persons spoke Breton in their everyday lives, another million spoke German, an hundred thousand spoke Basque, there were another hundred thousand Catalan speakers, whilst Provence, in the south east, was the home of many historic dialects.

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If we look, in efforts to better understand The Human Condition, at revolutionary France in the years after 1789 we see that policies were adopted by the French Revolutionaries which also featured an official expectation of linguistic conformity.

Name a symbol of the French Revolution that was outlawed by Napoleon III.a.

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The world and ourselves are desirous of advancing to fraternity and peace......Whilst foreign governments might draw some comfort from these words Lamartine nevertheless instructed French diplomats abroad that the settlements arrived at in 1815, at the close of the earlier French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Eras of 1789-1815, would not be fully accepted by the new French government and that the new republic would support what it saw as being progressive developments abroad:-

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On March 3, 1848, Lamartineissued a "Manifesto to Europe" to the network of French diplomatic representatives abroad instructing them as to the ways in which they were to present the French Revolutionary developments to foreign governments who might be somewhat concerned that the France of 1848 might emulate the earlier revolutionary France, after 1789, in seeking toforcefully and energetically export its revolutionary principles abroad:-

The Revolution involved a series of colonies, rising up against an oppressor, with the help of the French by economic and military support.

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This year 1848; has been recognized by many as the ‘year of revolution’ because of the great number of political revolutions that took place allover Europe at this time....

As with several instances of revolution in Europe previously that of 1848 was to have its major point of origin in France.

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The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic period of French history came to an end circa 1815 - at which time a form of monarchy was re-adopted.

Jonathan Sperber, in Chapter 5 of his The European Revolutions, 1848-1851, gives this summary of the European situation:-

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The other European powers would have been aware that the new French government was being lobbied by radical Poles, Germans, Swiss, Greeks, Magyars, Romanians, Portuguese and Spanish in search of what they would have regarded as "revolutionary" assistance.