Fulfill the General Education Program requirements;

A student may earn one degree, a BA or BS, with two majors, by completing the requirements for both majors. If both majors are within the same college and are of the same degree type (BA or BS), both majors will be indicated on the diploma; however, if the majors are from different colleges or are of different degree types, only one major will appear on the diploma. Students earning a double major must use the same Catalog year for both majors.

Fulfill the Gordon Rule requirements;

 Earn a minimum of 60 credit hours after CLEP credit has been awarded;

Be registered at UCF during the semester of graduation.

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program is an international, advanced secondary curriculum and assessment program equivalent to the British system of "A-Levels." Information about the program, including course syllabi, can be found online at .

Awarding of CLEP credit is subject to the conditions listed below.

UCF courses that are required by the General Education Program also may be used to satisfy the Gordon Rule. "Gordon Rule" requirements may be satisfied by the General Education Program as follows:

Fulfill the Foreign Language requirements as defined elsewhere in this section;

Frequently Asked Questions - Undergraduate Admissions

Earn a minimum of 120 unduplicated credit hours with at least a "C" average (2.0 GPA) for all UCF course work attempted. Some majors require more than 120 hours;

Freshman Applicants - Undergraduate Admissions

The University of Central Florida provides a number of options by which students may shorten the time required to complete the bac­calaureate degree. These options permit the University to recognize high levels of academic achievement and acquisition of knowledge prior to or during attendance at the University. Procedures that may be used include the Advanced Placement Program (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), University Course Credit by Examination, DANTES, and the International Baccalaureate. A maximum of 45 credit hours in any combination of extension, AP, IB, correspondence, CLEP, Armed Forces Service School Credits, and University Credit by Examination will be accepted by the University for application toward an undergraduate degree. In addition, there are accelerated Undergraduate - Graduate Programs linking the bachelor's and Master's degree listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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Earn a minimum of 25% of the total hours required for the degree in residence at UCF. For programs that require the minimum of 120 total hours, residency will be 30 hours. For programs that exceed 120 hours, the specific residency requirement increases proportionally and is listed with the requirements for the specific degree program;

Earn a minimum of nine credit hours during Summer terms, if applicable; and,

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A student may earn two degrees, either both BA or both BS, within the same college if allowed by the particular college and a mini­mum of 150 (or more) credit hours are earned.

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* The AB subscore on the Calculus BC exam is regarded the same as a Calculus AB score.

Graduate Studies has more information about .

Students must fulfill both the requirements for a major and University requirements to receive a bachelor's degree from the University of Central Florida. The student must: