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In today's world with so much more to know and to learn and also the need for a conscious effort to conquer the divisive forces, the importance of reading has increased.

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In my opinion, it is the need for communication and interaction that determines the importance of reading and writing. In the past, it was satisfying to people to just communicate with neighbors. Many people never left their village, so they knew nothing about the outside world. However, they were both socially and economically satisfied. Today, as the whole world becomes a small village, the human discovery desire is stimulated. Few people are still considering local relationships enough. Most people are looking forward to establishing new overseas relations. Because traditional communication ways fail to carry such global messages, new ways are used, beginning from letters and faxes and ending with the use of computers and the Internet. This has raised the importance of reading and writing as a strict prerequisite of such modern facilities.

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No one can deny the role of reading and writing in developing our style of life. One's life is as long as the lives of the authors of books he reads. Reading and writing also adds to our relationships with other people. Firstly, books we read suggest topics to discuss with others. Secondly, from books we can learn nice and polite behavior to interact with people. Thirdly, reading increases our ability to understand people. For example, we can face some hard or embarracing situation that we previously read about, so our approach to it will be better. Lastly, the age of our relationships can be longer. Consider, for instance, a friend travelling abroad. Writing to him can keep up the friendship till later eye contact. The previous benefits of reading and writing are independent of time. The message to be conveyed is that reading and writing was also important in the past.

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