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Essay Question- How does Macbeth feel both before and after he kills Duncan? What different emotions and ambitions contribute to Macbeth’s decision and actions?

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An essay question on the idea of kingship in Macbeth, in the style of the new AQA Lit exam for GCSE

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Students wrote an in class essay on the psychological changes in Macbeth and his decision making process before, during, and after he killed the king. The assignment is as follows.

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Students wrote two in class essays, and one longer final essay. The first in class essay focused on two sonnets that we read before Macbeth- this was designed to help them read closely, review text, and gain comfort writing about Shakespearean language and themes. They completed a Ven diagram to help them organize their thoughts on the differences and similarities between the two poems. The assignment is as follows.

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In an essay, please examine Macbeth’s inner conflict throughout acts I and II. Be sure to include specific evidence that shows exactly what contributes to his conflict, and information about his character that contributed to his actions throughout the first two acts. You should use your textbook and your pre-writing sheet from Monday to help you identify specific lines to use as evidence.

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