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The phrase "Money doesn't buy happiness!" is a trope that we've all heard, and probably deeply internalized as objectively true without ever having really considered it. After all, in a literal sense, you can't exchange cash for emotions of any kind. You certainly can't exchange a handful of Benjamins for a lifetime of fulfillment, love, and contentment. But there are a few things that money can give you that make it a lot easier to pursue happiness.1. Money can buy security. It's easier to let go of stress when you aren't living in the constant recognition of the fact that one setback--such as a car repair or medical bill--could set back your financial planning for literally MONTHS. For example, I live in an apartment where if my car is visibly undriveable, it gets towed--meaning I'm in constant fear of my 14-year-old car falling apart, because then I'll have no car, no way to get to work, a towing fee to pay, impound fees to pay...and no way to pay them because again, I can't get to work. And I'm not a special snowflake--this is just the reality of life when you're broke.2. Money can buy food. That's obvious. But you know what legitimately affects your health (mental and otherwise)? 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Beyond food, I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could win a large sum of money, not to afford a fancy car or something, but just so that I could afford to go to the doctor without having to re-route my bills around the copay. In fact, recently I had the realization of how different life would be if I could afford therapy and anti-depressants. Again, I'm not alone here--I personally know several people who either are avoiding or have quit seeking important mental health resources because of the financial burden it brings even with decent insurance.4. Money can buy experiences. Sure, the things that are really important aren't things at all. They're places, and people, and the opportunity to have experiences that help us grow as people. I have had people tell me, "Just go out and travel. Don't worry about the cost. The experience is far more valuable than the money!" to which I gritted my teeth, smiled politely, and visualized socking them square in the jaw and screaming, "BUT YOU NEED THE MONEY TO HAVE THE EXPERIENCE."5. Money can buy time. Sure, it's easy to say that the best things in life are free--after all, what does it cost to enjoy a sunset or a stroll in the park? Well, if you have to work long days, multiple jobs, or weird hours in order to pay your bills, it costs you a few hours or a day at work and a chunk of change in the process. If you have financial security, fewer of those free hours are spent scraping together some of that overtime cash to make sure rent is getting paid--which means you have the opportunity to spend that time pursuing hobbies, passions, and events that make you happy.6. Money can buy things. You can argue until you're blue in the face that material items don't make you happy. And as stated before, they're not that important in the grand scheme of life. But darn if I don't feel like there's something to look forward to when I can buy a new book, or if I don't feel a little left out when half my friends are playing a sweet new video game together and I don't get to indulge with them because a $400 video game system and several $60 games have to come secondary (read: never) because of how much of my resources my basic necessities take up.Obviously, money alone will not make you happy. obvious. Money, I would argue, is almost necessary in order to be happy in a lot of ways. But you're not going to be happy if you don't make the most of what that money got you. So the reason money can't buy happiness? It can't buy appreciation. Don't get me wrong: All the appreciation in the world won't get you financial security, food, therapy visits, a trip to the Grand Canyon, a guilt-free weekend off work, or the newest Pokemon game (I want all of them, fight me). Appreciation will let you value what you do have and that is incredibly important and can't possibly be overvalued, but it isn't always enough to get you everything you need to be happy. But if you have money without appreciation, you're still going to be pretty miserable.

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