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Hoodridge Industrial Automation is one of the most competitive suppliers in Zimbabwe. They strive to provide fair pricing and develop mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

de Huszar, introduction by Friedrich A.

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Hayden Boyers, ed.Introduction by Dean Russell

As specialist electrical contractors, Hoodridge undertake all aspects of industrial and commercial design, installation, testing and maintenance of all electrical services.

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Monitoring the flow rate of material through a belt scale system ensures the weight output's accuracy and consistency. Ideal for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control, and truck, barge, or rail load-out applications, belt scale systems are one of the fastest methods of moving and weighing bulk material.

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Packaging Machinery, Machines and Plants for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry, Basic Food and Feed Equipment,
Confectionery Machines, Bakery Machines, Meat Processing Machinery, Beverage Machinery, Dairy Technology, Machines and Plants for the Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Delicatessen and Convenience Food Industry

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Improve production efficiency and flexibility, increase ROI and meet regulatory demands by executing a series of non-interactive jobs all at one time.

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We have earned a reputation for highly proficient and innovative automation services by way of being adaptable, providing quick response times and maintaining strong vendor relationships. We provide flexible and multi-skilled staff, with strong ethical values and behaviours, and a unwavering focus on safety.

First published as a collection 1973 for the London School of Economics.

Foreword and notes by Francis Canavan.

We work with you to design conveyor systems, batching and blending systems and food processing equipment that allow you to work more efficiently, with less turnaround time and higher profit margins.

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No matter what your needs, you simply will not find more skilled people to design, build, install and support your dry fertilizer blending equipment than the experienced team behind Hoodridge.