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Paul Simon's The Sound of Silence
A poem, like all other works of art, may appear as an inter-subjective truth, an intricate thread of images, a surreal yet realistic expression, and as a "creative fact ? according to Virginia Woolf. In canon literature, a good poem is usually that which has fine structure, imagery, meaning and relevance; an art, which has sprung out not only of personal necessities but out of socio-cultural quagmires. Paul Simon's The Sound of Silence transcends the mediocre. It creates a bombarding mood that runs through the whole text, thus, transforming the readers to a reality it is presenting.
The poem starts with the use of a device called apostrophe (a figure of speech where one talks to or addresses an inanimate object). Here the "I ? persona talks to his "old friend. ?
I've come to talk with you again
And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains
Apparently, this is not the first time that the speaker talks with his "old friend, ? darkness. He had had "talks ? with it since a time unspecified, suggesting a perpetual moments of seclusion by the speaker. Talking with silence would mean solitude, loneliness if not ennui. The reason for this resort to solitude was a vision that keeps on bothering him. He was looking for solace which he found being alone; no one seems to understand Him. Here we can see him regressing ”a defensive reaction of the human psyche to flounce away, by retreating to earlier stages of life, a threatening stimuli, which in this case is the vision. The "seeds ? that was bequeathed to him while unaware symbolize a burgeoning message that will soon sprout in the "fullness of time ? (Gal. 4:4). Nevertheless, it was still imprisoned "within the sound of silence. ?

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Economic: Differences between the North and South over economic issues contributed towards causing the Civil War.
zh The North's economy was based on Industry and Trade. They did not need or use slavery.
zh The South's economy was based on Agriculture. While most southerners were small farmers, large plantation owners who were dependant upon slavery held much power.
The North and South came into conflict over political issues and could not work out a comprise.
The political issue which divided the north and south were:
zh Who strong should the central government be?
zh The South wanted a weak central government and more control in the states
zh North wanted a strong central government which could help regulate trade and promote inducstry.
zh Should the USA abolish (get rid of) slavery?
zh The North had little need of a slavery. Factories used low paid laborers and not slaves.
zh Southerners, particularly Plantation Owners, felt slavery was necessary to the economic success of the south.
zh Political Issues which did not solve the differences between the North and South.
People in the North and South over the morality of slavery divided the nation.
zh Abolitionists in the North believed the enslavement of African-Americans was philosophically and morally wrong.
zh Most southerners were willing to tolerate the system as an economic necessity and did not wanted to end it.
zh Neither side believed in Black American Equality.
What was the outcome of the Civil War? In terms of human loss it was the most terrible war ever fought in American history. The losses were greater than in all the nation ? ¦s other wars combined. One of five Union soldiers and one in four Confederate soldiers died, t

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Why do we care for or enjoy scary movies? Is it the acceleration of our hearts pounding in our chests or is it the chill we get on the backs of our necks that makes us watch them? This feeling we get when we watch a scary movie makes people fascinated, especially with the story of Frankenstein because of the story line that is depicted. This tale deals with three different subjects that audiences love to watch and dream about which is the theme of "playing god", the science fiction subject of genetic engineering, and the role of horror in society. The reason scary movies are so popular because people who enjoy this share the same human characteristic, which is to explore the boundaries of the unknown. This is present in Mary Shelly's, Frankenstein where Victor's life story of exploring the unknown is the heart of this book.
As a young boy, Victor studied outdated and ancient subject of alchemists where this background of information he learned was irrelevant once he attended the University of Ingolstadt. There he learns modern science and after a few years studying, he is fascinated with the "secret of life". This obsession is the driving force Victor experiences to explore new ideas. Once he discovers this secret he brings a "hideous" monster to life and he is forced to live in abandonment and is shunned by the public.
This idea Victor had of creating life from dead tissue has been studied, worked upon, and documented for many years because technology is being developed by humans to have the ability of "playing god". This theme of having the ability to create life is one of the most controversial topics ever being discussed from stem cell to human cloning. With this technology rapidly increasing to the point where the boundary of the unknown is no longer that far away, people are fascinated and terrified at the same time regarding the capacity of creating life.
Another reason this tale has been told for hu