Excerpts from his most recent book, are available online.) Mr.

Society ought to demand that those who release malicious programs,even if the release is an "accident", be held legally responsible for thedamage caused by the malicious programs.

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(This trick would be used again, on a different operating system,in March 1999 by the virus.)The Christma worm deleted itself after it functioned once.

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However, the one copy deleted was replaced by multiple copies sentto everyone with an e-mail address in either the in-box or out-box of theuser's account, so the total number of copies continued to increase.

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Legislatures chose to enact totally new statutes.

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There are several basic ways to get these data:

This article quotes a public relations consultantwho was falsely accused by eight of her clients,as well as potential clients,for sending the Klez program to them: "I can't imaginethey will trust me with a campaign for a tech firm after this."

At least one version of the Klez program produced e-mail thatsaid that the attachment (which really contained the malicious Klez program)was an "immunity tool" and that the attachment originated froma specific, well-known anti-virus software vendor.

VAXcomputers running versions of the Berkeley UNIX operating system.

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There are three major classes of criminal activity with computers:

Nowadays reading books online has become more popular amongst public than reading physical books. In my opinions, the modern reading style will never overcome the traditional ways, atleast in the near future.

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Actually, the defense attorney's statement is ludicrous.

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This is called a denial of service () attack.

In connection with the text above,I observed that grammar errors, punctuation errors (e.g., no space after commasand periods in the Klez immunity tool message), and spelling errorsin a message apparently from a native speaker of English is suggestivethat the message has a forged address and theattachment may contain a malicious program.