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And what if my opinion is inclined 50% to one side and 50% to another side. Like fb is good in some aspect and also bad in other. Explaining this will make my essay discussion one? Is it ok to give diplomatic answers?
For discussion essay, we talk about both positive and negative
For opinion essay, can we talk about both?, what if i have both feeling? or should i clearly stand to my points inclining one side only?

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Many students decide to pursue teaching over other science careers for this personal interaction.

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You can agree or you can disagree or you can partially agree (this means you present a specific opinion, often called a balanced view but it doesn’t mean a discussion essay). No student should try a partial agreement unless they have been trained how to do it.

A Personal Narrative on the Motives for Choosing a Teaching Career

You need to understand that synonyms do not ever have 100% the same meaning. Each word in the English language is unique. Synonyms have similar meaning so each time you use a synonyms, you need to decide if it is appropriate for the topic. As the topic of “society” has already been introduced, the paraphrase of “communities” is fine.

A non-clinical advanced nursing role is one that does not provide direct care to the patients.

Why Choose Teaching as a Career

There are many decisions a person has to make in his or her life. Everyone in this world is actually studying or working in order to be professionally successful in life as all the happiness is connected to it. According to me it is imperative for a person to give due consideration to the process of deciding about a career. It is my contention that if this decision is made in the wrong way the entire life becomes directionless.

Ask yourself before choosing a career: ..

A teaching credential is the license conferred by a state agency to teachers who have completed certain state-mandated requirements, such as education courses and , and passed additional state-mandated teaching examinations. Each state sets its own requirements for teacher certification, and there is no guarantee that a certification in one state will be accepted in another state. For example, a teacher who holds a won’t necessarily be qualified to .

Send me the complete essay on choosing a career is a most important decision in a persons life…..

Choosing the same career as that of your parents or one that ..

It is not recommended to use “This essay will ..” or any other expression similar. If your opinion is asked for, you must give it clearly: I think or In my opinion. Your thesis statement is about presenting your main points or position – it is not about writing the instructions – the examiner has the instructions. See this lesson: and then check my main writing task 2 page:

You must have a clear position – you can’t sit on the fence for an opinion essay.

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You should answer two questions: 1) do you think alternative forms of transport should be encouraged? 2) Do you think international laws should be introduced for car ownership?

Some points and data to consider before finalizing your interest in the profession of teaching:

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Our kids are precious…and they’re our future. That’s one of the main reasons that all states require that people be licensed before they can teach in our public schools. The rigorous process for certification and licensing ensures that teachers meet certain standards in their subject area, pass required background checks for the age group they teach, and are up to speed in their understanding of how to teach effectively. To begin learning about what may be required, use our map or drop down to find your state.