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Because the problem of inappropriate use of the first-person pronoun(singular and plural) is common, a few words about it are necessary. Rarely, is the use of the words or appropriate in formalpapers. Its use in formal papers is nearly always unnecessary, distracting, andamateurish. You may be accustomed to writing something such as, "I believethat more people should. . . ." The use of the first-person pronoun in thisinstance is unnecessary because your readers will know that you (the author)believe the statement because you (as the author) wrote the statement. Insteadof referring to yourself, just provide the information, as in the followingrevision: "More people should. . . ." The revised statement is moreforceful and direct, and it focuses the readers' attention on your ideas, not onyou personally. Do not use or in any of our papers.

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In regards to topic selection, DO NOT choose your topic with your audience in mind. That is, do not pick a subject because you think that generally educated adults will like it. Instead, challenge yourself with a difficult topic--one that you can learn about as you research it. Next, figure out a way to render that topic interesting and understandable to your audience. Any topic, and I mean no matter how complex and difficult, can be made appealing and understandable to any particular audience. An important part of this assignment is to force you to tailor your message to individual audiences.

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Research is required for this essay, as well as all of the rest of the essays in this class. Your sources must be a crucial part of your paper, not merely a brief quotation stuck in somewhere in order to satisfy the research requirement. If this part of the assignment is done properly, you would not have been able to write the paper without having done the research first. Do NOT choose a topic because you know a lot about it already and won't have to do substantial research. Your research should be conducted with the view to increase your knowledge of the subject. You may use virtually any source you wish, including Internet, interviews, magazines, newspapers, books, lectures, and so forth. However, general reference materials such as encyclopedias or dictionaries may not be part of your works cited list. These general references are fine to begin your research as you identify and narrow your topic, but they should not be referenced in your paper. On the other hand, discipline-specific encylopedias and dictionaries are appropriate.

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You work for a small community hospital that has recently updated its health record system to a modern electronic health record (EHR) system. As a health care manager, you have been asked to meet with the health information manager (HIM) and analyze the efficiency, security, and privacy of your current health records system. Your organization has very high standards and a culture of keeping up with current trends. After your analysis, you have been asked to provide a detailed report to the hospital's chief operating officer (COO) detailing the following:

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You will note in the syllabus that each of the essays requires a peer's review of yourrough draft. he name rough draft, but that's how refer to them. However, by no means should you submit a "rough"paper for somebody else to review. When you ask somebody to take a look at your paper, thepaper should be in the best condition that you can possible achieve. The paper should becomplete in every respect, including documentation. Everything in it should reflect yourbest work. It is only when your paper is in such condition that someone else can make areal difference. It is only when your paper is in such condition that someone can help youmake it better than you possibly could.

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The audience for this paper will be generally educated adults. The things you refer to, the analogies you make, the examples you provide, and the tone, diction, and style you use must all be appropriate for your audience. Papers that don’t address their audience will lose many points. Audience analysis consists of defining who the readers are, what they know, what they need to know, and what they will do with the information provided.