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Within the categories of performance appraisals, there are two main aspects to appraisal methods. First, the are the aspects the employee is actually being evaluated on, which should be tied directly to the employee᾿s job description. Second, the is the type of scale that will be used to rate each criterion in a performance evaluation: for example, scales of 1–5, essay ratings, or yes/no ratings. Tied to the rating and criteria is the weighting each item will be given. For example, if “communication” and “interaction with client” are two criteria, the interaction with the client may be weighted more than communication, depending on the job type. We will discuss the types of criteria and rating methods next.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Performance Appraisal Method

As some once said, "... if performance reviews were a drug, the FDA would never approve them because they're ineffective and have too many side effects." And if performance appraisal was a tool, management would blame it for their failures. Wait, it is a tool, and they do profusely blame it. As the French say, the bungler blames his tools. Performance appraisal has become the bungler's tool du jour,deplorable in every way. Attacking it is the latest falsehood to weaken the West. But I do not despair. I should, but I do not. I take heart from: "We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men." Very well; let's restate the obvious, starting with the science. From psychology, we know that feedback is correlated with improvement, and biology tells us that improvement is correlated with survival. Therefore feedback is correlated with survival. When feedback occurs, the odds of survival improve. Feedback is useful, feedback is good. The nature of performance appraisal is feedback. Performance appraisal is bad in the same way a hammer is bad. Use it properly, and it works well. Use it poorly and you'll bend the nail and smash your thumb. Then the tool gets the blame rather than the tool user. The bastardization of performance appraisal is commonplace, but science says feedback can produce a
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Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.

Feedback is the basis of improvement, and improvement is the basis of survival. Is this too hard to see? Survival depends on improvement, which depends on feedback. It's not rocket science, but it is science. vows to fix performance appraisal at.

"If you think about it, the performance appraisal is the heart of the interface between the organization and the employee, manifested through the relationship between the supervisor -- representing the employer -- and the individual. So the changes in performance appraisal reflect what it means to be an employee at different points in time." ~ Peter Capelli, Human Resource Executive Online

The voice of sanity. More to come on this one.

'If somebody is rude or an outlier occasionally because they are in a situation where they didn't get a good night's sleep or something drastic has happened in their personal lives, we wouldn't consider that person to be a jerk at work,' says Gretchen Spreitzer, co-author of Destructive De-energizing Relationships: How Thriving Buffers their Effect on Performance. She continues: 'It is when there is a pattern in the behaviour over time that a person can be considered a jerk.'

A new article in Fortune magazine points out that while some organizations are moving towards a less traditional approach in giving employees performance feedback, the need to record and document performance information is as pressing as ever. The traditional annual review, or performance summary, will still have a part to play as there is a baseline requirement for properly documented performance information. Roger Ferguson notes: HR departments need "documentation in the event of an EEOC or NLRB claim or charge... We are, after all, a very litigious society." That's not likely to change.

Jayson Saba writing for believes that the phrase 'performance management' will be replaced by 'performance development' in much the same way that personnel management became known as human resources. The difference, he says, between performance development and performance appraisal is that development is more focused on the future than appraisal, which tends to look at the past.

"The performance review is getting mixed reviews" says new research from OfficeTeam. Although most (79 percent) human resources (HR) managers interviewed said they schedule these meetings at least annually, one in four (25 percent) employees feel the assessments do not help improve their performance." That sounds pretty bad, but wait ... it also means 75 percent of employees believe they get at least some gain from it. So yes, performance appraisal is worth it. A biased conclusion, naturally :-)

"Once regarded as an opportunity to boost pay, openly express issues and perhaps help bosses understand just how exceptionally you've performed, many now regard these sporadic review meetings with trepidation, with some employers seizing this annual / bi annual meeting as a place to chastise or 'rate and rank' the already nervous employee. At best it's an opportunity to defend yourself, at worst it's an Apprentice style mugging based on interrogation and blame shaming..." Dear, dear. I wonder if Donald Trump ever had a performance appraisal?

Anyone see a consensus emerging? The herd-minded follow the herd-minded. All of this talk about dumping and ditching performance appraisal is an exercise in folly. Plants will not grow in the dark and neither will people.

Peter Cappelli at the Warton School writes that the current disillusionment with 'traditional' performance appraisal seen in a number of large companies is due to a concept of team dynamics known as the "A player, B player, C player" model, which gained a following in the 1990s. The model "... suggested that poor performers would always be bad, so we should just find them and get rid of them." This seems to be a variant on the discredited rank-and-yank thinking that contributed heavily to the demise of organizations such as . The model, says Cappelli, was never true. He believes that it may have reflected the theory of and crowded out the rightful attention due to other tasks that performance appraisal was supposed to perform, such as improving performance and developing skills.

There are four critical steps, according to the . 1. Document the performance issue. 2. Develop an action plan. 3. Review the plan with another party such as an upline manager. The plan should be "specific, measurable, relevant and attainable" with 60 to 90 days. 4. Meet with the Employee to outline the plan. 5. Follow up to assess the success of the intervention and if unsuccessful, modify the plan or consider other actions such as job reassigment, etc.

Among the age group known as Millennials, or those born after 1980, a quarter would rather call in sick than face a performance appraisal, says a survey of 1,000 full-time employees reported by TriNet and Wakefield Research. Nearly 70% of Millennials believe the process of performance appraisal (at least the one they've experienced) to be flawed, yet 85% want to get more feedback, not less, from their boss.

The Washington Post reports that big US companies are increasingly disillusioned with 'traditional' performance appraisal. Welcome to the news. We have been saying the same thing for years.

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- The term used to describe a performance appraisal method where supervisors or personnel specialists familiar with the jobs being evaluated prepared a large list of descriptive statements about effective and ineffective behavior on jobs.

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Appraisers often find the essay technique more demanding thanmethods such as rating scales.

The techniques greatest advantage - freedom of expression - is also its greatesthandicap.

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I later found, after I had a department of 19 people to supervise and write appraisals for, that the performance appraisal was a once a year nightmare if I didn't take notes on my employees during the year.
The observations and understanding of the performance appraisal process helped reduce a monumental task into something much more manageable.

- The management by objectives performance appraisal method has the supervisor and employee get together to set objectives in quantifiable terms.

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