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The interpretation of religion, as here advanced, implies a dependenceof science on the religious attitude, a relation which, in our predominantlymaterialistic age, is only too easily overlooked. While it is true thatscientific results are entirely independent from religious or moral considerations,those individuals to whom we owe the great creative achievements of sciencewere all of them imbued with the truly religious conviction that this universeof ours is something perfect and susceptible to the rational striving forknowledge. If this conviction had not been a strongly emotional one andif those searching for knowledge had not been inspired by Spinoza's , they wouid hardly have been capable of that untiringdevotion which alone enables man to attain his greatest achievements.

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What follows is a list of just some of the girls' achievements in the past year:The class of 2016, which graduated in October 2016, had 100% of our girls passing the National Exam;Class of '14 graduate was selected for publication in Best College Essays 2016 for her essay, "A Girl with No Country;"1st place in Rwanda Education Board's (REB) science competition that is geared at encouraging secondary school students to study science, technology and innovation;1st and 2nd place at National Science Fair Competition;

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An invitation will be sent to select applicants to attend the 2018 Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarship Testing Day, held on January 20, 2018. On testing day, applicants will take tests in different STEM fields and the finalists selected based upon testing results. If selected as a finalist, we will contact the teacher you listed on your application for a letter of reference. In addition, you will be asked to provide an essay discussing your plans in science, mathematics, or engineering, and explaining how an education at St Thomas will contribute to them. Interviews of finalists will take place on February 24, 2018.

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Philosophy, science, art and religion are all major achievements of the human mind. Like science, philosophy calls for careful reasoning and exact language.

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