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Even if you don't consider yourself a particularly strong writer, you can if you put in the time and effort the task requires. By learning about your audience and what they want (one way to do this is by reading about the scholarship contest's mission and reading previous years' winning essays), you can better tailor your scholarship application to their needs. This will immediately set you apart from the students who didn't bother to figure out exactly where they were submitting their scholarship application. Always be sure to read the rules and requirements thoroughly, as well as the essay questions - answer each part of the question to the best of your ability, using examples, evidence, and supplemental material to strengthen your argument and position in the essay. Not all essays require research or thesis, so if it is more personal, be sure to use examples to further illustrate your ideas and experiences. Beyond that, following other basic guidelines for the process and scholarship essay writing will keep you on track and help you create success in your scholarship search.

especially if you don't consider yourself a great writer

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You are not alone, though. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just stared at a blank computer screen and wondered how on earth I’d craft an essay about myself that would be interesting enough to win a scholarship. I’d start typing a line and immediately erase it. Rinse and repeat for the next four days or so until eventually, I’m forced to either write the essay in one night or skip the scholarship application altogether.

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Whether you apply for an or an ; a corporate funded scholarship or a civic organizations scholarship these tips will help you succeed in producing a clear and concise application. While the each scholarship will offer different challenges and will have different demands if you remember to follow the guidelines closely, stay focused and on topic and be positive about yourself and your goals you will increase your chances of being accepted by the review committee.

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