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As the United States went to war in 1965, a few voices were raised in dissent. Withinthe Johnson administration, Undersecretary of State George Ball warned that the SouthVietnamese government was a functional nonentity and simply could not be sustained by theUnited States, even with a major effort. Antiwar protest groups formed on many of thenation's campuses; in June, the leftist organization Students for a Democratic Societydecided to make the war its principal target. But major dissent would not begin until 1966or later. By and large in 1965, Americans supported the administration's claim that it wasfighting to stop communism in Southeast Asia, or people simply shrugged and went abouttheir daily lives, unaware that this gradually escalating war would tear American societyapart.

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Truman also hoped that assisting the French in Vietnam would help to shore up thedeveloped, non-Communist nations, whose fates were in surprising ways tied to thepreservation of Vietnam and, given the domino theory, all of Southeast Asia. Free worlddominion over the region would provide markets for Japan, rebuilding with American helpafter the Pacific War. U.S. involvement in Vietnam reassured the British, who linked theirpostwar recovery to the revival of the rubber and tin industries in their colony ofMalaya, one of Vietnam's neighbors. And with U.S. aid, the French could concentrate oneconomic recovery at home, and could hope ultimately to recall their Indochina officercorps to oversee the rearmament of West Germany, a Cold War measure deemed essential bythe Americans. These ambitions formed a second set of reasons why the United States becameinvolved in Vietnam.

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The American movement against the Vietnam War was the most successful antiwar movementin U.S. history. During the Johnson administration, it played a significant role inconstraining the war and was a major factor in the administration's policy reversal in1968. During the Nixon years, it hastened U.S. troop withdrawals, continued to restrainthe war, fed the deterioration in U.S. troop morale and discipline (which providedadditional impetus to U.S. troop withdrawals), and promoted congressional legislation thatsevered U.S. funds for the war. The movement also fostered aspects of the Watergatescandal, which ultimately played a significant role in ending the war by underminingNixon's authority in Congress and thus his ability to continue the war. It gave rise tothe infamous "Huston Plan"; inspired Daniel Ellsberg, whose release of thePentagon Papers led to the formation of the Plumbers; and fed the Nixon administration'sparanoia about its political enemies, which played a major part in concocting theWatergate break-in itself.

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The struggle over American involvement in the Vietnam war in the 1960s and early 1970s brought these growing Cold War contradictions to the light of day. If the government didn't trust the people to shape and control the government and society, was America still a democratic society? Was the government threatening to undermine the very democracy it claimed it was fighting for in the Cold War? These are some of the serious questions raised by American involvement in Vietnam.

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Let's look at the history of United States involvement in Vietnam from 1945. First of all, in order to understand the Vietnam war, you need to understand that Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia were conquered by the French in the 1870s. From the 1870s to the 1940s, the French brutally ruled and exploited the wealth, resources, and labor of Vietnam and Indochina. The Vietnamese hated its French colonial rulers. In 1940, France fell the Nazi Germany, and France itself became a colony. After World War II, Ho Chi Minh, who had been our close ally, asked the United States to force France to give up its imperial control of Vietnam and Indochina. Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese resistance leaders drew up a Vietnamese Declaration of Independence:

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In fact, in 1965, the dictator of South Vietnam, President Thieu, told the United States that "the Communists could still win any election held in South Vietnam." Faced with American defeat, President Johnson order 500,000 American troops into Vietnam and gave his speech, "Why We Are in Vietnam" But despite massive American military involvement, massive American bombing, and massive American-supported killing of Viet Cong supporters, the United States and its South Vietnamese ally were losing the war.