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This may be a true
account of events--naturally we know very little about the slave
rebellions of antiquity--but by allowing the Sun City to be destroyed
because Crixus the Gaul cannot be prevented from looting and raping,
Koestler has faltered between allegory and history.

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The facts above mentioned would preclude all apology for this translation, if any apology were necessary, for translating into our language a work, which, from the nature of the subject, must be interesting to every nation; but must be particularly acceptable to the English, from the eloquent and forcible manner in which the author pleads the cause of liberty, benevolence and humanity. It may however be objected, that a treatise of this kind is useless in England, where, from the excellence of our laws and government, no examples of cruelty or oppression are to be found. But it must also be allowed, that much is still wanting to perfect our system of legislation; the confinement of debtors, the filth and horror of our prisons, the cruelty of jailors, and the extortion of the petty officers of justice, to all which may be added the melancholy reflection, that the number of criminals put to death in England is much greater than in any other part of Europe, are considerations which will sufficiently answer every objection. These are my only reasons for endeavouring to diffuse the knowledge of the useful truths contained in this little essay; and I say, with my author, that if I can be instrumental in rescuing a single victim from the hand of tyranny or ignorance, his transports will sufficiently console me for the contempt of all mankind.

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There is a bill before the legislature of this State to punish kidnapping of childrenwith death. We have wise members of the legislature. They know the gas trust when they seeit and they always see it — they can furnish light enough to be seen, and thislegislature thinks it is going to stop kidnapping of children by making a law punishingkidnapers of children with death. I don’t believe in kidnapping children, but thelegislature is all wrong. Kidnapping children is not a crime, it is a profession. It hasbeen developed with the times. It has been developed with our modern industrialconditions. There are many ways of making money — many new ways that our ancestorsknew nothing about. Our ancestors knew nothing about a billion dollar trust; and herecomes some poor fellow who has no other trade and he discovers the profession ofkidnapping children.

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