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Burke says that we ought to 'cherishour prejudices, because they are prejudices'; but this view of the case will satisfy thedemands of neither party, for prejudice is never easy unless it can pass itself off for reason,or abstract undeniable truth; and again, in the eye of reason, if all prejudices are to beequally regarded as such, then the prejudices of others are right, and ours must in theirturn be wrong.

On this ground a single champion is amatch for thousands.

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If we believeonly what we know at first hand, without trusting to authority at all, we shall disbelieve agreat many things that really exist; and the suspicious coxcomb is as void of judgment asthe credulous fool.

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We can only judge for ourselves in what concerns ourselves, and in things aboutus: and even there we must trust continually to established opinion and current report; inhigher and more abstruse points we must pin our faith still more on others.

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Animals are free from prejudice, because theyhave no notion or care about anything beyond themselves, and have no wish to generaliseor talk big on what does not concern them: man alone falls into absurdity and error bysetting up a claim to superior wisdom and virtue, and to be a dictator and lawgiver to allaround him, and on all things that he has the remotest conception of.

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'Rings the earth with the vain stir.' It is the trick foreach party to raise an outcry against prejudice; as by this they flatter themselves, andwould have it supposed by others, that they are perfectly free from it, and have all thereason on their own side.

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The largest part of ourjudgments is prompted by habit and passion; but because habit is like a second nature,and we necessarily approve what passion suggests, we will have it that they are foundedentirely on reason and nature, and that all the world must be of the same opinion, unlessthey wilfully shut their eyes to the truth.

The most ignorant people are rude and insolent, as the most barbarous are cruel and ferocious.

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This comes under thehead of the well-known principle of the ; by which certain impressions,from frequent recurrence, coalesce and act in unision truly and mechanically - that is,without our being conscious of anything but the general and settled result.

There is then a real grossness which does not depend on familiarity or custom.

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My habitual conviction of the existence of such a place as Rome is notstrengthened by my having seen it; it might be almost said to be obscured and weakened,as the reality falls short of the imagination.

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If mere prejudicewere dumb as well as deaf and blind, it would not so much signify; but as it is, each sect,age, country, profession, individual, is ready to prove that they are exclusively in the right,and to go together by the ears for it.