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One patient that testified at Naessens's trial was Roland Caty. Caty developed a form of prostate cancer that is almost invariably fatal. Caty was working in Africa, building a university. The orthodox treatment his doctors prescribed for him was removing all his genitalia, for starters. Caty was understandably not too keen on such a treatment, and refused to go through with it. His doctors told him that he was "crazy" and would be dead in three months. Caty heard of Naessens's 714X treatment. He visited Naessens's lab, got a bottle of 714X, learned how to inject himself in a few hours, and went back to work in Africa, injecting himself with 714X. He quickly and completely recovered, which is considered impossible in the halls of orthodoxy. More than a decade after he was cured, he testified at Naessens's trial. Bizarrely, he was called to the stand by the prosecution, in order to show what a crime Naessens's treatment was.Jacques Viens was only 39 years old when he developed stomach cancer. Nearly his entire stomach was surgically removed. It did not work, the cancer had infected his lymph nodes, and Viens went home to die. On his deathbed he heard of 714X treatment, and was secretly given it by a member of the medical establishment, whose name he refused the reveal, because of the repercussions that he knew would be visited on him/her. A few months later, Viens had recovered to the point where he went hunting. He returned to work, fully recovered.In 1981, Gary Diamond, who lived in California during the 1989 trial, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. His doctors recommended chemotherapy and radiation, to which Diamond submitted, and his condition gradually worsened. In 1983, while he was slowly dying of Hodgkin's Disease, which the treatments he was getting did nothing to arrest, he visited Naessens's lab in Quebec. He received about 60 days of 714X injections while he completed his orthodox chemotherapy. After the 714X injections, Diamond made a quick and complete recovery.At Naessens's trial, many of his patients appeared on their own initiative to tell their stories. One was Bernard Baril, a 33-year-old Quebec-born restaurant and catering consultant. He contracted HIV while living in Paris. HIV is theoretically what causes AIDS, although many alternative practitioners will dispute that. Again, with the germ theory of disease being such a poorly understood distortion of Béchamp's work with the microzyma, as well as what the same work shows about degenerative disease, nobody should take for gospel mainstream theories on disease or its treatment. After Baril was diagnosed with HIV, he came down with cancer tumors that filled his mouth and a Kaposi's Sarcoma attacked his palate. The doctors at the Montreal General Hospital excised the Kaposi's Sarcoma, and the biopsy was classified as type IV-D, which is termed "extremely advanced." The doctors told him that treatment was pointless, and Baril refused conventional treatment and waited to die. He was going to become one more AIDS statistic.The tumor soon reappeared, and Baril's weight declined from 165 to 115 pounds. It got so bad that he was barely able to eat. On his deathbed he heard about Naessens through a friend, and began taking the 714X treatment. In a few weeks the tumor began shrinking, and within three months the lesions began disappearing. Barely holding back his tears at the press conference, Baril exclaimed, "Look at me! I now weigh 170 pounds! I feel entirely fit! Don't I look in the pink of health?" Dozens of AIDS patients had similar results with the 714X treatment by 1990.Naessens's trial demonstrates that the Canadian medical racket is not as powerful and corrupt as it is in America. They tried turning it into kangaroo court, but there was too much public outcry. There were picketers at the trial, mainly cured patients. The trial became highly visible in Quebec. In Quebec, Augustin Roy was its highest-ranking medical official, and he led the attack against Naessens. Bird aptly compared Roy to Fishbein, a "doctor" who had virtually never practiced medicine, but ruled the Quebec medical establishment with an iron fist. As patient after patient paraded to the witness stand, telling of their miraculous cures after mainstream doctors had given up on them, the prosecution's response was astonishing: none of those miracle cures were cures at all; they had all been misdiagnosed in the first place, and none of them had cancer to begin with! When Hoxsey was on trial, the prosecution made the same motion to dismiss the testimonies of an army of patients who were cured with his treatment, including President Truman’s brother.The prosecution was going for life in prison for Naessens. Just before the jury verdict was rendered, Quebec's most famous poet and songwriter, Gilles Vigneault, suddenly appeared at the trial after taking a red eye flight from France, where he had been on tour. He was coming to show his support for Naessens. In Quebec, it was as if Bruce Springsteen had showed up. Naessens was acquitted, which made headlines in Quebec. Not a peep was heard in America when that happened. I found out about Naessens because I was mail-ordering mystical material from Canada and read of the trial and book. For years, I mail ordered the book from Canada. In 1991, a mystical book company began publishing an American printing of the book, and slowly, over the years, more Americans have been finding out about the stories of Naessens, Rife, Béchamp, etc. There are other amazing aspects of Naessens's story.

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Couche defied the AMA and continued using Rife's frequency device until the 1950s, when they revoked his license. The judge in Hoyland's lawsuit was accusatory of Hoyland when rendering the verdict, telling Hoyland that he thought he was crooked, and he ruled in favor of Beam Ray. The judge even told Beam Ray that he would be happy to represent them in a lawsuit against the AMA, but the trial had bankrupted Beam Ray. Ben Cullen even lost his house in the ordeal. Rife was a ruined man who never recovered from the 1939 trial.Just prior to the AMA-funded attack on Rife, the other quality "electronic medicine research lab" in America mysteriously burned to the ground in New Jersey, while that lab's owners were visiting Rife's lab in California, for another "coincidence."With Rife, the spiritual perspective once again comes into play. While Pasteur and orthodox medical researchers performed horrific experiments on animals and even humans, Rife also performed animal experiments, but his animals were not sacrificed. He would induce cancer and other diseases to his animals and then cure them. He performed exacting operations on them. His experimental subjects were his pets, and they died of old age, not from his experiments., I discovered that few people can weather even a "fair" trial, being smeared in the media, and bearing the brunt of other establishment attacks. fate is not unusual or perplexing. Rife was never the same man after Fishbein waged the 1939 trial, yet he never completely gave up.In 1950, John Crane became aware of Rife’s story and approached him and proposed to collaborate with him in producing his frequency device again. For the next decade, Crane devoted his life to doing just that. After a decade of research, corresponding with the medical authorities and hiring experts to further develop the Rife frequency device, Crane made some major breakthroughs that made the device far more effective than it was in the 1930s. In 1960, Crane was making and selling the device, along with a detailed technical manual on how to use it, and was attempting to get it patented. The medical authorities raided Crane's facility in California and seized everything: machines, engineering data, research records and reports, pictures off the walls, etc. They did not even have a search warrant. Then the railroad treatment began, with the I know so well: none of the seized material was made available to Crane so he could defend himself; no testimony of the other doctors and researchers working with the technology around the country was allowed into evidence, much of it impeccable in its methods and findings; the jury foreman was an AMA doctor, and the rest of the jury was carefully stacked. The only medical authority allowed to testify was an "expert" from the AMA who had never actually seen the device working. Crane was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison, and Rife fled to Mexico. Crane was not the only Rife follower to go to prison. Another of Rife’s assistants was imprisoned.Crane emerged from prison in a little over three years and went right back at it, trying to get the frequency machine out there. In October 1965, he submitted an application to the California Board of Public Health, trying to get official sanction for the frequency device, as he tried doing before they threw him into prison. The authorities threw up the "there’s not enough evidence" roadblock, one of their favorite tactics, while they were busily hunting down and wiping out doctors who used the device.Rife died in 1971, and his Universal Microscope eventually ended up in Crane’s home, being cannibalized for spare parts for a radio! In the mid-1970s, Christopher Bird began researching the Rife saga, and began the search for his microscope. The results were published inin March 1976, under the title, "What has Become of the Rife Microscope?" In 1978, Wilhelm Reich’s daughter told Bird that there was another Rife who was working in Canada, and Bird found Gaston Naessens. Naessens's story is coming soon enough, but this essay will first cover the rest of Fishbein's illustrious career.Shaking down the food and drug companies was only part of the racket. Wiping out cancer cures was another. Fishbein also helped cover up health disasters, such as an outbreak of amoebic dysentery at the World's Fair held in Chicago in 1933. His complicity in the hush job caused many people to contract the disease. Fishbein regularly approved drugs with his Seal of Approval program that later proved deadly or ruinous to health. Most deadly, however, was his .Native Americans used tobacco for medicine and ceremonies, but they were not addicted to it. The Spaniards first brought tobacco to the Old World. When the they sought gold, . When gold proved scarce in North America, another economic gold mine had to justify the New World's invasion. For the English, it became tobacco and furs. would not have survived if not for tobacco revenues, which kept the colony afloat. had big plans for tobacco and his Roanoke colony, but failed. By 1638, three million pounds of tobacco a year were making their way to Europe from the Chesapeake. By 1672, it had grown to 17 million pounds a year. Europeans were becoming addicted. Although the science of epidemiology did not exist in those days, it did not take a rocket scientist to realize that regularly inhaling smoke into one's lungs was unhealthy. Smokers had the most atrocious coughs and often died of respiratory diseases. Here are some quotes to bring some perspective to what people suspected about smoke in the lungs all those years ago. "Smoke makes a kitchen also oftentimes in the inward parts of men, soiling and infecting them, with an unctuous and oily kinde of Soote as hath been found in some great Tobacco takers, that after their death were opened." - James I, , p.

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