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However Wininger’s analogy that “maternal love cannot be truly represented as resting on moral grounds” is not plausible, for human mothers are very well able to reason and make decisions rather based on their own individual morals....

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Nothing in this world could be more precious than the love of a parent has for his/her children.

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In Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds,” the character Jing-mei experiences being raised by a mother who has overwhelming expectations for her daughter, causes Jing-mei to struggle with who she wants to be....

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I believe that the separation gave my mother more hope and confidence. She knew how much my siblings and I were suffering, but she cured us with her love. She is the one who keeps the house running and under control. Even though it may seem to her that we take her love for granted, I can assure her that it can’t be… a mother’s love is priceless.

I believe in the love of mother’s even though I spent most of my life without one.

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"Somewhere Out There" from the classical animation "A n American Tale" and Selena’s "Dreaming of You," two particularly inspirational love songs, are products of music that have successfully achieved a quiet lasting popularity....

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It’s about the dangers of perfectionism and also of settling, and about that maddening Mobius strip, which is especially heightened in marriage: We should be the best person we can for our spouse, yet the point of marriage is unconditional love, which allows us to often dissolve into our worst selves. Q.

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Even though fate was a factor that had contributed to a tragic end, there was also personal choice involved, and ultimately, the story may have had a different ending if it weren’t for the flaws of the lovers and their inability to have a grip on reality in dire circumstances....

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Although, Love Canal is not as big as the recent Freedom Industry spill in West Virginia or China’s toxic air pollution, the Love Canal even continues to be debated because more and more information about its causes and harms is revealed each decade since 1953.

Since I was a little girl, I wondered if the love of a mother for her children was forever.

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A mother’s love is immeasurable, infinite, and unlimited because this is how I love my three children. I think of them every moment I can and more when I am absent from house and far away from them. Now that I am a mother, I believe in the love of mothers.

For after all she loved me and I loved her. Places and faces changed again.

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As this young woman gets older, she learns more and more about life through the townspeople of Maycomb County; Courage, kindness, cruelty, and love are some of the main lessons portrayed throughout the book....

Yet this time that gentle hand shows a different bond, the love of a Daughter for her Mother.

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However, there are a select few that survive the test of time and have the ability to keep people laughing for long after their production ends, in rerun after rerun, regardless of how much society has changed since they originally aired....